'Glenn Beck': Is There a Limit to Tolerance?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: By now, you probably know the controversial imam, this guy, is trying to build 13-storey mosque and Muslim cultural center two blocks from Ground Zero.

By a margin of 61 to 26 percent, many New Yorkers oppose the idea. Is it that the 61 percent of mostly liberal New York City dwellers are bigots? I don't think so.

Those who are most affected by the attack on 9/11 find it a little insensitive and incomprehensible to even consider when there are so many questions.

How many Muslims have spoken out now? Most of them, I'll point out, are from Canada. You heard from one of them last night, Raheel Raza. Now, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spit in the face of those who find it offensive to build this mosque so close to where so many lost loved ones by referring to them as bigots. He's made it about religious freedom. It has nothing to do with religious freedom. Stop. Muslims can do anything they want, just like every other American, except blow people up.

If they want to build a mosque, they can build it. But there are many, many issues. One is the location. The others kind of surround around this guy. Where does the funding come from? Who is this guy involved with?

Gov. Paterson now said on Tuesday the developers of the mosque near Ground Zero might consider moving the project and even floated the idea of offering them state land farther from Ground Zero. Why, they just did that for my church the other day. Oh, no wait. No, they didn't.

Apparently, though, the developers of the Park 51 mosque project just can't find any other place in Manhattan or New York, because everything is totally full. Totally occupied. Yes.

I had my staff look for about 10 minutes today. And we only found — oh, I don't know — 57.7 million square feet of available space on the island. That's it.

What? There is 12.9 percent vacancy here in Manhattan. How could you possibly squeeze a mosque into that tiny bit of space here on the island? You just can't do it. The fact is, I sit every day in my office and I can look straight through the office buildings. They're empty. Not a desk in them. There is so much empty space in this city.

But the developer says, well, yes, but lower Manhattan. It's got to be in lower Manhattan. Well, first of all, why? That section of lower Manhattan is mostly commercial, not residential. There is a small number of Muslims who live in the area. The largest concentration of Muslims in the New York City area is in Brooklyn.

Well, let me just point this out, because yes, I do do my homework. They don't necessarily build Islamic centers based on the Muslim population in any given area. But it is interesting that most Muslims will have to drive across the river, pass other mega-mosques, through New York City congestion to get to this one. That doesn't sound like — no.

Let me ask you this: If you're an evangelical minister, do you build a massive mega-church right in the heart of Rome? How about Salt Lake City? Would you do that? I don't think so, unless you're trying to make a statement. And that's what this mosque is — a statement.

I have been a supporter of this mosque all along. If you want to build it and you want to build it there, if you are honest, if you're not involved with terrorism, if you don't have shady business dealings, then that is fine.

But there is something wrong here and it needs to be stopped. And if the media was doing its job, it would be stopped, which brings me to the other excuse being floated for building the mosque so close to Ground Zero and that is tolerance — tolerance.

You know what got our country into this mess in the first place? Tolerance. "Glenn Beck basically accuses tolerance." I do and I'll explain it when we come back.


BECK: Sometimes, I'm flippant and I don't want to be here. I was just telling you how tolerance is the thing that got us into this mess. And what I mean by that is we tolerate stupidity, animosity toward us and our way of life. Sometimes, even total destructive hatred, we tolerate it.

We knowingly tolerated a radicalized Muslim terrorist in the U.S. military at Ft. Hood because people supposedly said mean things to him. He took the lives of 13 soldiers.

We tolerated the attempted Times Square bomber, a Muslim who clearly, obviously, has been radicalized overseas because we didn't want to seem insensitive. We were told by CNN and others that he had fallen on hard times and even had lost his home.

A father reported that his Islamic son had been radicalized in Africa and wanted to do harm in America, but we did nothing but tolerate it. He tried to blow up his flight to Detroit.

The New York Times just ran a story about the WikiLeaks traitor, a guy who gave up 90,000 secret documents to the press. Oh, but The Times has informed us that he is gay and has had a tough time because people made fun of him as a child. And then, after joining the military, he struggled with the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, even though he knew full well that that policy was in when he chose the life of a military man.

We're all about tolerating. Well, we're tolerating ourselves out of existence.

Let me show you — let me show you the tolerance of some people, wonderful people in this world. Have you seen the front page of Time magazine? Zoom in, will you? Look at her nose. You notice something is missing?

This is a story of an Afghan woman whose nose and ears were cut off by the Taliban because she dishonored her family running away from them because they were abusive.

Now, how does this relate to us?

A New Jersey federal judge, this guy, just ruled that a man could rape his wife because he believed his Islamic faith told him he could do whatever he wanted because it was a family member.

Is there a limit to toleration? Fortunately, this ruling from this guy was overturned. How does this guy still have a job? Nothing gives the man a right to rape his wife or anyone. Nothing. That's unrighteous dominion.

This judge said it was OK because he believed his religion gave him a right. Oh. Oh, well, if God says it's OK, I'm sure you'll be fine with Christians that go out and shoot abortion doctors as you always like to publish. The Christians were doing — well, their God said that that was OK.

Would it be OK — Judge, would it be OK if they just raped — married and then raped the abortion doctors? Would that be OK if their religion — by the way, his name is Joseph Charles — Judge Joseph Charles.

Our problem — our problem is not just in Washington. It's with the courts. And it's not just with the courts, it's in here, each of us. We want to get along with everybody. That's what makes us uniquely American. We're a melting pot.

Nobody wants to hate somebody because of their religion. Some people do and they're crackpots.

If they want to build a mosque, I will stand shoulder to shoulder to do that. I will — shoulder to shoulder, I will help you, if you are not trying to erase us.

See, toleration is a good thing, but there is also a time to call out monsters. Look, I don't agree with Muhammad's teachings, but I can live side-by-side with a Muslim. I can work with a Muslim. I can be friends with a Muslim. That's tolerance.

What I can't do is live side-by-side with monsters of any faith, any nationality or any color.

As of right now, it's 5:48 — it's 5:48 Eastern Time. As of right now, we're still America. What do you say we use some common sense and keep it that way?

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