'Glenn Beck': Elena Herrada Speaks Against Border Patrol

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BECK: You know, I think Americans wanted change after the last administration, and we did. Fundamental transformation was not really what we were looking for. And that's what Barack Obama promised on several occasions.

But most Americans didn't realize that that meant seizing control of health care, banking, energy, the auto industries, spreading directly massive socialism at a breakneck pace.

We were not looking for that. But many were, but we didn't speak the code language. It's like I have heard from so many people that came from Cuba and former communist countries that say, "You can't hear it. They are telling you."

I know, I know. Activists all over the country are now becoming increasingly bold and people can hear it. We saw the Detroit Social Forum activist, Elena Herrada. I showed you this last night. Listen to the contempt this woman has for our border patrol agents.


ELENA HERRADA, DETROIT SOCIAL FORUM: We go into our restaurants and there is border patrol sitting there. Would you sit next to the Ku Klux Klan if they were sitting in a restaurant with a hood over their heads?

Thank you. Then say that when you see them. Say that when see them because they have no good intentions. So when we see them, refuse to sit with them. Refuse and pretend like they are the menace they are. And pretty soon everybody will catch on to it and they won't feel so uncomfortable to terrorize our communities.


BECK: Shame on this man. Shame on this man. Laughing. Comparing our border agents to the Klan. Have you — do you know the history of the Klan? They are border agents. They are attacked with rocks, bottles, concrete.

Do you want to the guys who are fired against and told, "You'd better not fire back." Protecting this country — how? Why? With what? And you compare them to the KKK.

Don't be fooled by this ruse. There's more this woman has to say and I'll show it to you next.


BECK: There is a revolution going on in America. Fundamental transformation — it has everything to do with the desire these socialists have to overwhelm our country until it collapses and then reboot the system with what they now call social justice which is — you see it all over the world, it’s the third world poverty so much the rest of the world is enjoying now, thanks to Marxism and socialists and progressives.

And now, border patrol is just one of the many steps along the way to the goal. You just saw activist Elena Herrada compare the border patrol — you know what, border patrol agents? America is with you. We pray for you every night.

Here she is comparing them to the KKK. But now, listen as she compares the border patrol to the police.


HERRADA: They are not like the police who will sometimes answer a call and, you know — the police are, you know, kind of regular. They're not all head-busting and they're not all looking for trouble with everybody.

There is a place for the police in the community, really. But there is no place for border patrol in the community. They have no good intentions.


BECK: Well, that is big of her to say that there is a police — a place for police. You notice how she realized that she was about to defend the police? Too much of a socialist.

And she was, like, I mean — oh, I'm — is it hot in here or is it just me? It's kind of like — you remember when Maxine Waters caught herself admitting to what the goal is that are now unfolding in front of us now. Watch this.


REP. MAXINE WATERS (D-CA): And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal will all be all about socialize — would be about -

BECK: Yes?

WATERS: Basically, taking over.

BECK: Yes. Say it.

WATERS: And the government running all of your companies.


BECK: On the nosey! Isn't it weird how uncomfortable she was when she said that because — they weren't doing it yet. But she knew — as part of the progressive caucus, she knew what was coming and let me tell you what this progressive is all about. Not yet. Not to supposed to say it yet.

That's the exact opposite. Remember, nearly 80 percent of us don't trust our own government. It's not the government. It's the people in the government. You know, they don't trust — they don't trust you. They don't trust the police. I do.

It really doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter, though, if we don't — if we don't know who we are. We don't know our own history and what we believe in.

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