Washington Post Rewrites Life After Death

So Dwight Armstrong died last week. He was the loser who planted a jet fuel bomb at the University of Wisconsin back in 1970. It killed a young teacher named Robert Fasnacht, who had three kids.

I bring this up because The Weekly Standard nailed The Washington Post for its obituary headline describing Armstrong as a "Vietnam War Protester." The Standard says that's like describing Major Hasan simply as a "Fort Hood Psychiatrist."

They're right, but I would go further: It's like saying Adolf Hitler was known only as a vegetarian, or the Donner party enjoyed cold cuts, or Lizzie Bordon was good with an axe, or Jack the Ripper had a way with the ladies, or Robert Byrd was just a grand wizard of the KKK.


"Red Eye" would like to apologize for the previous statement. We realize that, for the mainstream media, it's just too unseemly to bring up Byrd's racist past. However, it was done only to show how easy it is to pick one thing from a person's history to obscure the rest of his past.

It's as if you were a coach for a soccer team, but people only remember you for something else.

My point is, the press suffers from Alzheimer's of the spine: Over time, they'll forgive and forget anything. That explains idiots romanticizing losers like Bill Ayers and Armstrong, as well as WTO protesters who somehow deserve a movie, but their victims don't.

The love for the phony rebel allows for all sorts of idiocy and so you have cops at the G-20 standing by as thugs destroy their cars. That's the problem with so-called "revolutionaries:" If you can't beat them, you just joined them.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist homophobe who plays soccer.

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