'Glenn Beck:' Progressives Say One Thing and Do Another

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I want you to know, America, there's a communist conspiracy at work right now. His job: Keep "The Overton Window" out of the number one New York Times best-seller slot. At the center, some guy named Stieg Larsson.

Oh, yes, sure, you may never have heard of him. He's a communist who wrote a bunch of books that everybody loves because he's dead now. But did he really die? That's what they want you to believe. Don't let the communists win.

"The Overton Window" — available in bookstores everywhere.

All right, we're talking about the oil drill ban from Barack Obama and the news today that a judge overturned the ban. But the administration immediately has announced plans to appeal this decision and they are fighting it tooth and nail.

Of course, they are. Crime Inc. has a ton of money at stake on this ban.

It's how it always works with the progressives. They play the "I'm just looking out for the little guy" part and then you buy it and then the giant corporations and the uber-wealthy end up benefiting from it anyway. OK?

What I was just telling you about was in the — in the book from de Tocqueville, "Democracy in America." I mean, he predicted it, 150 years ago. They say one thing and do another.

Let me give a specific: 1932, FDR campaigned on stopping the big corporations and — believe it or not — he ran on a conservative platform. Have you ever heard that? He hammered Hoover for overspending and I quote, "taking us toward socialism." The candidate, FDR, promised quote: "Strict and impartial of the antitrust laws to prevent monopoly and unfair trade and practices they revision thereof for the better protection of labor and the small producer and distributor."

It sounds great until he got in office.

Oh, yes, they were the party of the little guy until he took power. Then he created something — this is Saturday Evening Post — something called the NRA, not the National Rifle Association, the National Relief Act. This suspended the antitrust laws, helping to create monopolies and the NRA's price controls drove small businesses right out of business because — well, they couldn't afford, you know, to take the hit on items the government had priced, you know, at little or negative profit.

That was just the beginning.

We know all of the exploits of FDR's big government onslaught with the New Deal, but he never learned that this man actually campaigned on a promise to be a conservative. You see, this is what they do. They promise anything to get elected. FDR admitted as much to this guy, R.G. Tugwell.

This guy — he was part of the FDR administration. He said the key to getting elected would be to tell the regular Democrat what they wanted to hear without using specifics, so that guy would be free to do whatever he wanted when he got in. Kind of like hope and change. Sound familiar?

Has anyone noticed that Barack Obama, the candidate, was either non-specific or when he said, let's say he was the candidate, he was against offshore drilling and he said we needed cap-and-trade to get elected. Here he is:


THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: When I'm president, I intend to keep in place the moratorium here in Florida and around the country that prevents oil companies from drilling off Florida's coasts.


BECK: OK. But once he got in office, gas prices were high and suddenly, he was were for expanding offshore drilling and cap-and-trade:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: Today, we are announcing the expansion of offshore oil and gas exploration.


BECK: I thought he was against it. And now, he's trying to ban offshore drilling. I mean, I need — I need a chalkboard to be able to follow this. But now we're stopping drilling, we need cap-and-trade really bad. That's the one constant here. It's almost like he's just saying whatever he has to and tacking on "and cap-and-trade."

And here's another thing — has anyone noticed that despite all of the progressivism we've had in the last 100 years, that people aren't lifted out of poverty — ever. Ever.

Tell me about the progressives in Philadelphia. Tell me about the progressives in Detroit. Look what they've done to that city. It's because you cannot lift people out of poverty. They need to achieve it themselves. They need a hand-up, not a hand-out.

The government can be a last resort, but if you — if you can't teach someone to fish, you can't just give them fish. De Tocqueville. Again, first half, how great America is. We know this part of the story. The second half, the uber-rich like George Soros will kick the door shut and create a class system. That's exactly what is happening to "Democracy in America."

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