Women Can Determine Men's Body Strength by Their Voice

Women have an uncanny ability to determine how strong a man is just by listening to his voice, discovered scientists from the University of California, in a study published Wednesday.

Female volunteers preferentially selected the men with the most upper body strength by speech alone, according to the study in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

Students were asked to guess men's height, weight, strength and fighting ability — but they all produced similar ratings that tracked upper body strength independent of height and weight.

Speech samples were set at the same volume and foreign languages were also tested and all provided the same outcome.

The study discovered that the deepness of a man’s voice did not indicate his strength.

A complex mix of traits appeared to determine the women’s assessments, including the depth, richness and how piercing the voice.

Scientists believed the results indicate strength hidden in men’s voices could have played an important evolutionary role.

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