Over Half of Women Are 'Completely Bored With Their Lives'

Two-thirds of British women are “completely bored with their lives,” according to a study released Wednesday.

Nearly half said they were sick and tired of having the same daily routine and 90 percent of the women questioned claimed they would be less frustrated if they made the effort to be more spontaneous.

More holidays, a change of appearance, and quitting their jobs were also favorable solutions to a happier life.

Of the 3,000 women studied, 46 percent blamed their dissatisfaction on a poor social life and 44 percent admitted to being jealous of better-off friends, while more than a third said chores around the house got them down.

Elaine Smith, marketing manager at at food company Florette, which conducted the study, said: “British women are so busy trying to be everything to everyone it’s no surprise they want to break out and do something spontaneous.”

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