Lighten Up on Obama Bashing

The BP oil spill bums me out, but for reasons that have nothing to do with oily pelicans. It depresses me because the spill is harming the Obama administration, when really it hasn't done much of anything wrong.

True, they haven't done anything, period and I guess they could do better. But the negative press toward the administration is not fair to President Obama. Even more important, it's not fair to me.

See, I want Obama to be held accountable for the misguided things he really cares about, not the oil spill, which only annoys him. And that ticks me off.

Fact is, the Gulf mess is nothing compared to the potential catastrophe on the horizon, which Obama is steering us toward.

I speak first of his dismissal of American's concern over the cost of health care reform. As we now know, that concern was legit and the bill's backers were lying through their teeth about the real price. How amazing was it, that only after the bill was passed, that the mainstream media started reporting the actual numbers!

And he won't stop there: The upcoming global warming legislation will screw us even more.

Which is why I ask America to lighten up on the oil. This is not about being greasy, but turning into Greece. As government expands and debt balloons, all we have to do is look there and see the gloomy end.

So while we figure out how to plug a pipeline, we're ignoring a far deeper hole we've already dug. Obama deserves crap for the latter, not the former.

And if you disagree with me, you're a racist, homophobic, black hole.

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