'Glenn Beck': FDR and the Progressive Playbook

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Yesterday, we began with Woodrow Wilson laying out the staples of progressivism which when we had up and we're having technical difficulties with some of our screens tonight. So, we're writing them on the chalkboard. We got so many chalkboards. We're running on another chalkboard. I'll give it to you in a second because you need to see it.

But basically here they are — because Wilson, FDR and Obama are doing it. And that is these things. One, the government elite knows best. The public is uninformed and incapable of choosing what's best for them or the society on whole.

True public opinion is denied. Alternate realities are created and presented as truth — propaganda.

So, they know better. Your opinion doesn't matter. They'll just teach it to you through propaganda.

The second thing is: voices of oppositions are discredited, intimidated, bribed, or eliminated.

Number three thing you have to know: Progressives use war or the moral equivalent of war, a global warming crisis, or an economic crisis — that way they can push their progressive agenda through, which includes suspension of basic rights. Because remember, you're not smart enough. They'll take care of it. Never waste a good crisis. The ends justify the means.

The other thing is they always view the Constitution as an organic document. It's outdated in its original form and you just have to be open to modern, I mean, modern interpretations. Hello, progress! I'm not going to tolerate those who want to stand in the way of progress. Have you heard that before?

You got to give the president now, he gave us — he gave us the new deal. You know, you hold the cards now, and you deal, you know, you just — you just got to keep going here. I mean, I don't — I don't even — I don't even know what they're even talking about. Somehow or another, the president will give us what we ask for, and just going to have to pay him back with our loyalty I guess.

Give a man a job was one of the songs back — one of the songs back during the FDR administration. Can we even play the song? We can't, can we? We can't play the song?

Jimmy Durante did this movie for FDR where he was — he said, give a man a job. Give a man a job. What are you going to do? You got to give a man a job. It's propaganda.

OK. So, we laid the following staples of progressivism out yesterday. Now, let's — now let's look here. With FDR — where did — where did he go? Well, the first thing he did was he went to the individuals. He wanted to target individuals.

What did Wilson do? He made a list of dangerous Americans. Remember, this is for the war, dangerous Americans. If you're not a danger, you can really help out.

This was the economy first. So, he needed a list of dangerous Americans. This is a list of dangerous Americans. He had to target them because they were stealing from the American people.

One of them was Andrew Mellon, former treasury of the secretary for Harding and Coolidge. Wait a minute, wasn't he — so he was the guy who designed the 1920 recovery. He designed the economy to roar the way it did. Anti-progressive. Coolidge — Anti-progressive. He's a guy who was a hero in 1921, but a staunch opponent of the New Deal.

So, FDR used the IRS to investigate Mellon. He said that he was a tax cheat. He went on all the time and said this man is cheating Americans. He's stealing from American taxpayers. Well, the press ate that up. The only problem with it is it's totally untrue, fabricated. I mean, it went all the way to the Supreme Court.

I mean, at one point, they said the man paid his taxes. If you want him to pay for taxes, then you have to pass a law, but he paid it. In fact, he actually overpaid the taxes in the time they were investigating him, just to make sure.

That wasn't enough. After it was thrown out of court, FDR went on the radio and said, "I'm telling you he's a bad man." Destroy and discredit.

Also, the publisher of the Philadelphia Daily News was another one. One of the loudest anti-FDR voices of his time, put in prison following a similar investigation, ordered by FDR.

What was next on this? Oh, yes. DOJ used to — was used to set up prison camps under Wilson. Here we have it here, internment camps. FDR did the same in war.

More than 100,000 Asians in America, the overwhelming majority of them were U.S. citizens. They were imprisoned without any due process. Property was lost, lives were destroyed.

They were citizens — citizens — of the United States. Put them in internment camps. Citizens of the United States put in prison camps. We've done it twice now and it's a progressive that did it.

The next one, this was ban German books and German classes and language of hate. Well, again, if this is the boot, if you're going to launder it and learn from your mistakes, this has become a shove. You don't just ban books, what you do is you review and edit things like Hollywood scripts. You start to edit the textbooks. You start to slowly change them. Make progress.

FDR actually would pressure reporters to change their stories. He would — he would go in to people's office and say, what are you working on? And the reporter would be there in the White House and he said, oh, Mr. President, I'm working on this. And he would sit down with them and say, hmm, can I make a suggestion? I mean, if I were you, I'd — I might take a different angle on that.

They got the message, most times, they'd change the story. Hollywood always had to change everything. I mean, every script went through the Office of War — Office of War Information, the brains trust. It went right through their hands.

Nelson Poynter, he was the guy who looked at everything. It had to — it had to be approved. Every word about America — every word about the government had to be approved. It was common practice — common practice for them to change the Hollywood scripts.

OK. So, we have making lists of dangerous individuals. We have setting up prison camps and putting people through with no due process. We have banning the books or reviewing books and Hollywood scripts for propaganda reasons and also pressure to have reporters change their stories. We have that.

Now, the next one. Do we have the Red Cross banning or excusing and promoting P.C. violence? We'll show next.


BECK: Wow! We have so much information for you. Take notes. Take notes.

Government elite knows best. Voices of opposition need to be discredited. Progressives use war, war to push agenda. Progressives can see the Constitution as open to interpretation. It's an old dusty document.

We've taken you now and shown you the first real evil president I think we ever had, Woodrow Wilson. For war purposes in 1917, did all of these things.

We're looking for connections now to FDR, but laundered from the boot to a shove, he learned. In the office, this one was the Committee on Public Information. This one is the brains trust, the Office of War Information. Keyword: "information."

We showed you that they made a list of dangerous Americans and made a list of individuals to target. Used the DOJ to set up prison camps, put people in prison and took their rights. Here, internment camps, took their rights. This one, banned books and German classes. This one reviewed Hollywood scripts, pressure on reporters to change the story.

Four, Red Cross ban German-Americans. German and Italians had curfews and travel restrictions. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, approximately 600,000 Italian legal aliens in the United States were placed under these restrictions — the same kind of restrictions that were prohibitions on travel for more than five miles from your home. Curfew — if you were Italian or German, you couldn't leave your house from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Confiscation of short-wave radios, firearm, camera, flashlight and other signaling devices. Evacuation from any coastal town.

German faced similar restrictions like curfews, confiscation of personal property, travel restrictions, evacuation from coastal towns.

OK. So it could never happen. We've done it twice now in the last 100 years.

Number five, excused and promoted P.C. violence. See if you can find the violence. We couldn't find it in the short time we have today.

NRA boycott. That's not the National Rifle Association. That's the Recovery Act. That's the Blue Eagles. Do you remember that? We do our part.

The Blue Eagle, it was voluntary business. OK? It was — everybody was told, hey, you know, do your part. You want to do your part? You get the Blue Eagle on your — but then it turned into something more hideous where you were boycotted and they were encouraged to boycott anybody who didn't have the Blue Eagle.

The NRA propaganda, it never ended. The NRA teamed up with Hollywood for propaganda purposes. Do we have the featurette? Can we play it? No.

OK. Show the full screen. There it is. The NRA. It's a featurette, patriotically contributed by the motion picture industry. OK?

Now, the next was engaged in Four Minute Men. You have that with the NRA propaganda.

Then, Woodrow Wilson you had: read private telegrams. Well, here, you had giant fishing expedition and broad subpoenas. It was — it was amazing! They put these broad subpoenas out to quiet the number of grassroots opposition groups all around the country.

FDR ordered Senator Hugo Black to look for funding violations. Blanket illegal subpoenas were issued. Privacy rights trampled. It didn't matter.

I mean, I read something from Molly (ph), I read his book. I can't remember the name of it. Reading that, reading personal diaries of people that worked with FDR said it didn't matter. It didn't matter to him. Why didn't it matter?

The ends justify the means. The ends justify the means. You could do anything. Here, we're spying on Americans, against neighbor against neighbor. When he said, you know, OK, you should haven't done that with Hugo Black, he said, don't worry about it.

The ends justify the means. We're hearing that now, because that's not only FDR. It's not only Woodrow Wilson, but that is also Saul Alinsky. The ends justify the means — you just get it done. We'll pole vault if we have to — Nancy Pelosi.

Now, let me tie these together when we come back. You've seen the boot. You've seen the shove.

Let me show you the nudge — been laundered again. We have the Committee on Public Information. We have the Office of War Information. Let me introduce you to OIRA — next.


BECK: America, we're going to a different summer because there's a lot of history that is being erased and I see our kids honestly as clay pots. Our kids need to be — the clay pot the Dead Sea scrolls were put in.

We need to put the information in them. And they need to understand it and know it, because it's al being erased. It's being erased and controlled the way it has always done, except I think it's three strikes and you're out. I think this is it. If we don't pay attention, this is it.

We showed you Wilson. We showed you how his office of — or his Committee on Public Information worked, the Office of War Information.

Now, let me show you Cass Sunstein. He is the head of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, OK? He said that he's dreamed of this gig all his life.

Why? If you know what this office has done in the past, why would you want that?

If you think bad things can't happen in America, much of it already has. We've already built the concentration camps. We've built them in two administrations. And we're mirroring these administrations now.

Did you read the book "Phillip Dru: Administrator" last night? Did you find that? You can find it on the Internet. It's free. Find it. Go to GlennBeck.com. I think we have it there.

Let me go through the points here now what Barack Obama is doing. OK. Made a list of dangerous Americans — those were German. Make a list of individuals that were target, they were dangerous, that were the capitalists then.

Who's this administration afraid of now? I can tell you right now. It's the evil banker. If there's a list, we can make it. The evil bankers, the tea partygoers — they're dangerous, they're possible terrorists.

The GOP, you got — what's his name? Deval Patrick up in Boston saying this week that, you know, this is like sedition. You also have Fox.

You can make the list, the list of individuals to target, the list of dangerous Americans. It's there. You know it.

The DOJ, here, the DOJ set up prison camps. Here, the DOJ had internment camps. No due process. That was the key here. No due process. No due process here for Americans. Miranda rights, no due process.

Our new Supreme Court justice, Kagan, actually said, if you're suspected of financing terror — suspected — you're a citizen off the battlefield. They can pick you up and hold you indefinitely without due process or trial. Prison camps, prison camps, no due process — no prison camps.

Next one: ban books. This one was reviewed and edited Hollywood scripts and put pressure to change stories. This one is amazing, because what did this guy do? It was, what, 1936. Is it '36 that he did the FCC Communications Act? Yes, 1934. Sorry. 1934 Communications Act.

We're opening up the 1934 Communications Act now. We're talking now about net neutrality. We're talking about giving more money to PBS. We are opening up the ownership and the localism laws.

We also have a president — have you ever heard this? The president saying, Hey, you should read The Huffington Post. The Huffington Post — really? Really?

OK. Now, the fourth one — the fourth one here is Red Cross ban German Americans from participating in the Red Cross. Here we have, on the fourth one, was Germans, Italians had curfew and travel restrictions.

Here, if you are not a member of the union, you're no longer going to be able to get a contract. You don't get a piece of the government pie. If you don't behave the way you — you're out!

Next one, five: engage if Four Minute Men. They infiltrate citizen groups, intimidated the press. I'm sorry, no, five is excuse and promoted P.C. violence. Remember what happened here?

They actually lynched a guy, and it was OK. They dismissed it. Tar and feathered a guy for whispering a prayer in a dying woman's ear in German. He was tarred and feathered. It was OK. Patriotic duty.

Number five here was the NRA's boycotts. Here we've got the violence again. We have SEIU.

How about the Panthers? How about the Panthers? Engaged and infiltrated the citizens, intimidated the press, engaged in Four Minute Men.

Back here, propaganda. Here, propaganda. Here, Green Week on NBC.

We have Gibbs this week intimidating the press. Stop asking the president, stop asking the president about the oil thing.

How about this one? The NEA art. You remember this? We showed you this. They denied it. NEA art.

Remember when we had — who was it? What was her name, Tiffany? Buffy Wicks. I knew it was a stupid name. Buffy Wicks and she's like, hey, anything you can do to help the president promote his agenda, we sure would help it.

What do you call all of this? It's propaganda. They got it. OK?

The White House has declared war on this network. The president is now, saying, by the way, read The Huffington Post.

And don't forget, what was the first question this president took in a press conference? Does anybody here remember? Who did he take his first question from, at the first press conference? The Huffington Post. They're working hand in hand now, almost like associates.

Hey, where have I heard that before? Oh, yes, Mr. Creel. Mr. Creel, when he said, "With the nation in arms, the need was not so much to keep the press from doing the hurtful things as to get them to do the helpful things. It was not servants we wanted, but associates we wanted."

It's amazing. War — war and economy and war and economy. We'll finish when we come back.


BECK: We're running out of time so I have to take this real quick and I don't have time to recap. You're going to have to watch it on DVR.

Wilson, he read private telegrams to get them. FDR, fishing expedition with broad subpoenas to get them. Here, the DOJ is now in court arguing that you have no reasonable expectation the privacy and they can read your e-mails and no reasonable expectation to privacy of location.

Wilson spied on Americans and pitted neighbor against neighbor. Weak on FDR, but here it is — do you remember when they said if you spot something your neighbor is doing that is suspicious, and, you know, you just send it to flag@WhiteHouse.gov and people went nuts? Remember that?

Also, Cass Sunstein has said infiltrate groups, infiltrate extremists and conspiracy theories. And discredit them. They're doing the same thing. This man has been compared to FDR, but I'm telling you, America, this man is this man. Check it out!

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