Midwife Cuts Umbilical Cord, Slices Off Newborn's Finger

A midwife accidentally cut off the finger of a newborn baby girl while she was removing the umbilical cord, The Sun reported.

The now 10 day old baby, Ishika Kainth, was rushed to Birmingham Children’s Hospital from New Cross Hospital, where the incident occurred.

The new father, Parminder Kainth, yelled out at the midwife after discovering she cut his daughter’s finger off. Both the midwife and the mother, Jasvir Kainth, were unaware of the midwife’s slip of the scissors until Parminder brought their attention to the matter.

“The whole thing was horrifying,” Parminder said.

Ishika’s finger was reattached and she is now recovering.

Parminder added that he and his wife were under the impression that the midwife had been in practice for many years.

"We were told the midwife who did it had 22 years of experience,” Parminder said.

The hospital is currently investigating the accident.

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