Ultrasound Could Be Used as Reversible Male Contraceptive

A blast of ultrasound could work as a reversible contraceptive for men, according to scientists, The Times reported Thursday.

If preliminary results are confirmed, applying therapeutic ultrasound to the testes for 10 to 15 minutes could provide protection for up to six months.

“We think this could provide men with reliable, low-cost, non-hormonal contraception from a single round of treatment,” James Tsuruta, of the University of North Carolina, who led the research, said.

Tsuruta and colleagues have already proved the technique in rats, and plan to extend trials to humans as early as next year.

Their findings so far suggest that sperm production can be halted temporarily without causing a longer-term reduction in fertility.

Once sperm production resumed after six months there was no evidence of complications, such as sperm being of lower genetic quality.

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