'Glenn Beck': Joel Rogers, Wizard of Emerald Cities

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GLENN BECK, HOST: America, I have to ask you an honest question. I'm not expecting an answer. I want you to ask this question of yourself. I told you 30 minutes ago the U.S. government is turning into crime incorporated. Nothing is as it seems. And the real story behind cap-and-trade — I said you will know this.

What is really going on in the next hour. We're 30 minutes through. I think you've seen what I've done here and what I've shown you. So far, there is no crime. There is no nothing. No, no. No, no. No.

But you haven't heard about these things and it's all the same nefarious people. You have to ask yourself why is Glenn Beck at 5 o'clock in the afternoon — he's the only guy showing this? I'm not the smartest guy in the world. I am a dad just like you. That is all I'm doing.

I never thought I'd be this guy. I never thought I'd be on a news network — never. But the country is on fire. I'm trying to figure it out just like you are. Why? Why?

There's a couple of options:

Well, Glenn Beck is crazy. He's saying all these things and just making it up. Really? Who owns the network? Rupert Murdoch. Do you know how much money Rupert Murdoch is — you know, he's got all these things going on. Do you think he will let a guy at 5 o'clock say a bunch of stuff, put this together, that is completely wrong and stay on the network? Do you think he become a billionaire because he's stupid? No, so that's not it. Because Fox couldn't allow me to say things that were wrong.

That's why we put the phone here. We put the phone here so they could call. Because they had a little meeting and they said, Glenn Beck, you've got to stop him from saying — well, where are they? Where are they?

They came up with one thing in first year of my broadcast and I corrected that. So it's not that. So why? Why can I talk about the Puerto Rico thing? And now, in the House, they're debating it tonight. Show the box — they're debating what we talked about on the program. We're the only people — the only people that told you that story.

Why? How many Congressmen — how many Congressmen went, holy cow, I was completely duped? Why won't the media report that? Why can we do this and the media won't report it? Why is this not important?

Ask yourself this question: Does any of this matter? Because if it doesn't matter — you see, they'll say it's not true. They'll say this. They'll say that. Oh, he's bad. He's got this. Whatever. Does this matter if it were true?

Because we have already given you the — if it's true or not. Oh, I may be five degrees wrong on this one or one degree wrong on this one. I'm piecing it together. And I'll correct the mistakes if I've made them. But this whole thing isn't wrong. There is no way possible.

I'm not the only American that cares. I just don't know what happened to the media. What are you a bunch of cowards? Is that what you are?

You think I know — you think I'm doing this and I'm not — oh, no, that's pretty smart. Yes, I'll be a hero. Do you know who I am taking on? These people don't screw around. You think I'm not afraid? What the hell is this?

So here we are with Emerald Cities. We've got SEIU. We've got the great Van Jones again — Green for All. We have the AFL-CIO.

All three of these people — all three of these groups — are currently leading boycotts against me. They are all tied directly to the White House.

But we are just talking about cap-and-trade and the Chicago Carbon Exchange. Who is the wizard? Because if we have the Emerald Cities collaborative with all of these people on the board, your money is going to be funneled here.

Who is the wizard? Well, here's the wizard — this guy. You probably don't know him. You should. Wildly powerful man: Joel Rogers. He has a group called COWS. That sounds nice. I like cows. Yes. Not these cows. No, no, no.

He was instrumental in starting up Emerald Cities. He also founded the New Party. What is the New Party? Oh, fair economy, a real democracy, a New Party.

Do you remember the New Party? Chicago. They claimed that Barack Obama was their candidate. Barack Obama has said no, no, no, not me. Socialists. They've endorsed his campaign. It's alleged he sought their endorsement but now, all the stories are changed. But again, you know, he also didn't remember anything his pastor said for 20 years so you be the judge of that. The New Party. There it is, the endorsed candidate, Barack Obama.

OK. Now, here he is — they've got, you know, the University of Madison, Wisconsin. If you have kids there, you'll be happy to know. And you probably already know that he is a professor here — Joel Rogers. Going to call him "J.R." He's got — he's a professor there. And oh, he's also the guy who started the Apollo Alliance.

The Apollo Alliance? That sounds familiar. Oh, yes, yes, yes, that's right. The Apollo Alliance is one that wrote the stimulus bill that now — what is it — 70 percent of all economists said had no effect on the economy? Who was on the board of directors of the Apollo Alliance? Van Jones.

It's one big happy family. It's one big happy crime family — that's what it's beginning to look like. It's good to know who is running the country, isn't it?

Oh, let me bring in our crazy uncle — Crazy Uncle Andy Stern, who has just disappeared for some reason. We've all known to come and love Andy Stern, haven't we?

Here is what Andy Stern says about this man, the wizard: "Nobody outside the American labor movement has shaped our present thinking as profoundly." Andy Stern says he's the wizard. Sounds important.

A socialist is shaping our president's thinking. But if that is not enough for you, maybe this sound bite will help, because it's what they say, not what I say that matters, it seems. Here is Van Jones — what he said while he was still at the White House:


VAN JONES, FORMER WHITE HOUSE GREEN JOBS 'CZAR': I also wanted to take a little bit of time before I get to my comments to brag a little bit on Joel Rogers. If I were Joel Rogers, I would be insufferably proud. I wouldn't be able to walk around. My head would be huge. The best thinking that he represents here is now reflected in the White House.


BECK: Got it? He is the man. He is the wizard. He's a wizard. By the way, that was said in January '09. Emerald Cities was created in — way back in December of '09. It's nice to know that the thinking of this man is now in the White House.

That's from Van Jones, who I thought was just a low-level staffer. I mean, what, is the guy who vacuums the Oval Office thinking like Joel Rogers now? Or — that is what this all boils down to. These formerly harmless progressive radicals now have a direct pipeline to the president of the United States who has a direct pipeline to your wallet.

And you're funding a new form of what will be organized crime. I mean, they're going to — oh they'll build houses and stuff for the poor. Yes, they will. Yes, they will.

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