Blind Boy, 4, Learns to 'See' Like a Dolphin

A 4-year-old blind boy from the U.K. uses a technique called echolocation to "see" the same way dolphins navigate murky depths.

Jamie Aspland makes clicking noises with his tongue to find his way around. The technique works by rebounding the clicking sound off objects — creating a flash of light "mind map" of what lies ahead.

“It’s amazing,” his mom Deborah, 39, said. "Since learning the skill we can walk to the park and Jamie no longer has to hold my hand."

Jamie from Ashford in Kent, England is among only a handful of children worldwide to be taught how to copy dolphins by California-based expert Daniel Kish, who lost his sight at just 13 months old.

Kish calls his echo-location skill "flash-sonar.”

"It provides one with information of a fair amount of detail at distances of dozens of meters," Kish said.

Eventually Jamie, who gets around using a cane, should be able to detect buildings from 100 yards.

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