Restoring America

I want to talk to you a little bit about restoring America, because that is the question.

I've asked you all this week: Does it matter if our president is surrounded by socialists and Marxists? Yes, because that's not a restoration, that's a rebuild. You want to rebuild America? Great, we've got a guy who wants to build it in a different way. But what if you want to restore America?

If you have ever restored an old building — and I have, because I lived in Connecticut and, I have to tell you, I learned the definition of the word "quaint" means "crap." Don't ever buy a house that's quaint, because you'll have to strip it down. And if you live in an historic district, it's a pain in the neck. But when it's done, it's worth it.

OK, so if we want to restore America, we have to figure out how did it start? What did it look like? What was the foundation?

Well, the foundation of America was stone — strong stone: faith.

Truth was the other piece of it; that's the house. Hope can only be had if there is truth. If you go to a doctor and they tell you that you have cancer, that's not real hopeful. But it's better than going to a doctor when you have cancer and the doctor says: Don't worry about it! You've got the sniffles. That's false hope.

On faith we built a house of hope and truth.

And then, the best thing that Americans have always done, we're the best in the world at charity. We shelter each other; we take care of each other. We provide the roof over each other's house — not because the government tells us too, but because it's who we are. We want to; we help neighbors out.

So, if we're going to restore America, we need faith, hope and charity.

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