Have You Boycotted Glenn Beck Yet?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Hello, America. The boycotts are gathering steam. To date, I believe there is at least one Internet report that we have lost 7,832,000 sponsors. And yet, through the charitable kindness of this network, we are still here.

You know what? The fact is I haven't felt this good and positive in a long time. Why? Because the boycott attempts are the most transparent "Astroturf" attacks I have ever seen or ever heard of.

Who is it that currently is launching these efforts against me and this show? Well, let's see — we have radical union organizer Andy Stern. Say hi to the people, Andy. Hi, Andy. There he is. He is the adviser to the president, the most frequent visitor to the White House and the "workers of the world unite," anti-capitalist guy. Him — Andy Stern.

Then there is the group that Van Jones founded whose boycott effort now — can we bring up the clock? There it is — is in its 251st day at a boycott. There it is. Former adviser to the president — I'm going to put here for radical 1960s kind of guy. And this is a current communist.

Then, there is the current spiritual and policy adviser to the president, Jim Wallis. Jim is a Marxist for Jesus. This is such a blatant — oh, did I — also an adviser.

Such a blatantly "Astroturf" from-the-top-down attack that the boycott form letters from SEIU and Van Jones' group — they are actually the same. It's weird, isn't it?

Is it a coincidence that all of the above are or were advisers to the president? By the way, [Van Jones] was an adviser to the president and now he's with George Soros' group.

Is it possible that maybe, by pointing out every night that there are radicals, Marxists and communists in the White House, maybe that struck a nerve?

Has someone decided that they must destroy my career and silence me because we've stumbled on to something? Here's the gist — another attack we found out moments ago from the president of the AFL-CIO; don't have a picture of him because this just came in.

AFL-CIO — unions. Don't have an adviser to the president — union. Richard Trumka — this from prepared remarks he's going to give tonight at the Harvard Club — quote: "So now, a lot of Americans are angry and we should be angry. And we have just seen throughout history there are plenty of purveyors of hate and division looking for profit from our hurt and our anger."

He goes on to say: "We're working to counter the Glenn Beck effect and turn our anger into action for real change."

Did you say that? You — oh, I love these union guys, they're the best.

And in all of the attacks on me, which nearly always involve angry, hateful rhetoric or, you know — "he's crazy" — in all of these we have seen, not one has ever mentioned the White House let [Van Jones] go. And now, he's working for George Soros. But also, never mentioned that he's a communist.

Jim Wallis, not one — nobody has ever mentioned — no, no, Glenn Beck has got it wrong. He's not a Marxist. Andy Stern, not a radical 1960s guy from SDS. Never mentioned, that one.

See, wouldn't it be easy to disprove these things, you know, from rantings of a crazy man if they were untrue? I think so.

Be a lot easier than coordinating from the Oval Office or from the White House or maybe he doesn't know. I'm sure that's very, very possible. Wouldn't it be easier just to say, "No, that's not true and here is the evidence" than coordinating an attack? It would sure be cheaper.

They can't do that because the facts reveal otherwise — their own words. I never said they said things. I played them on tape.

Truth is not hateful rhetoric. Jim Wallis, Andy Stern, Van Jones — none of them could come on this show and disavow redistribution of wealth or embrace the American free market principles that built this country. They can't come on the show and accept that charity comes from individuals or church groups, not the government.

Is it possible, then, that the White House has absolutely no knowledge, no involvement in these boycotts whatsoever?

Has there ever been a case in American history outside of the hard core radical progressive Woodrow Wilson where an American president and administration tried to destroy the livelihood of a private citizen with whom they disagree? Can't think of any.

Much has been made over the years and rightly so of Richard Nixon's enemies list. It's been chronicled over and over again by the mainstream media. But isn't this the same thing?

Where is the media? Do the rest of you in this business think it's going to stop with me? Really? Once they get me, what happens to you? Is there absolutely no chance whatsoever that you might be a target at some point in the future? What is that poem: "First they came for the Jews and I stayed silent"?

Next, I'll show you the very latest attacks on me. These are actually kind of funny. I'll show you how they are really going for the jugular now — next.


BECK: Today is a very special anti-Glenn Beck day. In addition to the White House advisor-led boycotts here, here and here — oh, and now, AFL-CIO is in there. I didn't have a picture of the guy but he looked angry.

Thanks to Jim Wallis stoking the flames and bearing false witness against his neighbor — me — today was "send an anti-Glenn Beck haiku" day on Twitter.

You have no idea how hateful a haiku can be if it's in the hands of the wrong people.

To give you some sort of inkling of the anguish this has caused me, I will share a few of the Haiku attacks. Here is the first one:

"And Jesus said to
All his hungry disciples,
Hands off my fish, chumps."

And another:

"It is so quiet
Except of course for Glenn Beck.
He's never quiet."

Who would release such a vicious vitriol? Surprisingly enough, it's religious group, a group called the Jewish Funds for Justice. It's ironic, it really is. Barack Obama and his administration continue to obliterate our relationship with one of our closest allies, Israel, and I'm attacked by a Jewish group as I continue to vehemently support and defend Israel.

But anyway, when you look at with, you know, whom the Jewish Funds for Justice are partnered, it does become just a little bit easier to understand:

ACORN; hey AFL-CIO — aren't these, that's weird; Center for American Progress — that is, that's George Soros, that is weird. And then, of course, the Interfaith Worker Justice and Progressive Christians, Progressive Clergy, Progressive — it's so progressive, isn't it? It's great.

It's almost like you and I are really close to hitting home. I think we are making progress. We're on to them. This is their progressive "Astroturf" way of doing something about it because this is the way this guy does this.

We will resist the total transformation of our country but we will do it peacefully. Yes. People did it under [Woodrow Wilson] and people did that here. Well, not so much because the people who are in [President Obama's] administration hated [Richard Nixon] and they didn't resist peacefully; they were setting bombs off. But we will resist peacefully.

I have to tell you the truth. I have never seen anything like this. I have never seen anything like this. I can't believe — I mean, if this was happening to Katie Couric, I would be standing up.

You're kidding me. Somebody who has a differing opinion and administration people are set out to destroy his career? Wow.

But I want you to know, America, I'm going to come clean to you. This boycott has been devastating to me. It's been hell. It's been hell.

In fact, you might read all about the devastation coming out on Friday. I'm on the cover of Forbes magazine. My career is in a wreck. I have no problem being capitalist and making money. It's weird how many people do nowadays. I've just always thought if I make a good product and I'm honest in all of my business dealings, I will be successful. But that boycott is sure devastating to me.

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