'Glenn Beck': Will White House Refute Beck's Evidence?

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GLENN BECK, HOST: I want you to heed the words of Thomas Jefferson here for a second — words that changed my life. We're going to apply them. He applied them to religion, I'm going to apply them to everything:

"Above all things when it comes to this, fix reason firmly in her seat and question the very existence of God, for he must rather honest questioning over blindfolded fear."

Honest questions. Fix reason in her seat. OK?

Here is the president of the United States. Here's the guy who is supposed to be so unbelievably brilliant. He is — he's probably the smartest guy — he's the guy who beat the Clinton political machine. He's the guy who won the Nobel Peace prize. The brightest political mind to occupy the White House some say since this guy. Got it?

Does anybody think he's a dummy? Because I don't. I think he's brilliant. You don't go to Harvard as a dummy.

But he expects us to believe he went to this man's church and didn't realize the church was Marxist. Didn't know this guy was a Marxist. Didn't know this guy was radical. So then he leaves and then he finds another spiritual adviser, another Marxist. Just that, is he this dumb to make the same mistake twice?

Then on the same day that [Van Jones] guy left the White House — remember him? He is the communist. On the same day, he appoints this man as our manufacturing "czar" — Ron Bloom. Ron Bloom is the guy who says the free market system is nonsense and Mao is pretty right about the barrel of the gun thing.

One of his closest confidants, Andy Stern, most frequent visitor in the White House, head of SEIU. He says, workers of the world unite and share the wealth.

Anita Dunn, the Mao fan, former communications director, the one who tried to take on Fox and destroy that, and speaking of that, FCC, the diversity czar, Mark Lloyd. Venezuela, it was — what did he say? An important revolution in Venezuela. He also says there comes a time when people in America have to ask themselves who is going to step down so someone else can have a chance?

I can't even see the house we were trying to restore. What are they building? This is not hateful rhetoric. I'm not calling him names. I'm laying out the facts. Please come with me.

If we have a single thing wrong, a single thing wrong, I will correct it. I want to correct it. I have said before and I'll say it again tonight: Barack Obama, you have the phone number. You have the phone number. You say nobody has the facts. I spent 48 minutes and 48 seconds laying out the facts. Dispute them.

Because it does matter: Marx or Madison? Marx can't fix the engine that Madison built.

If I'm wrong, make the call.


BECK: The media can and will continue to ignore everything that we talked about tonight. That's because they're not doing their job.

But the media ignoring it doesn't change the fact that our country is fundamentally transforming. And our president has had his whole life inundated with communists and Marxists and socialists. His administration, he surrounded himself by it.

So what do we do with this? I have to tell you, I mean, quite honestly I told my radio audience today, I'm a little surprised no one — because the facts are the facts. I'm surprised a year-and-a-half into this that no one in the media has had the courage to join me, but that is OK.

I'm not going to make the difference, and the media is not going to make the difference. You are. This is why I put this information in the free e-mail newsletter tomorrow. You have to use this information in a non-argumentative way. You have to have, you have to find the people with a sincere discussion with. If your friends are like oh, wow — fine, move on.

When you find someone who will listen, ask them if they want restoration of our country and the freedoms and value and principles like accountability and honesty and personal responsibility. A chance to succeed and a chance to fail.

If they do, ask them: Do you believe the government can run a program better than the private sector? They are going to say no. If they say yes, really?

Here is why there is a difference: If the private sector runs a program into the ground, it eventually goes out of business. But if the government runs it into the ground, the government never goes out of business, until you do.

I don't know if you have seen the debt clock, but the debt is unsustainable. We're about to go out of business.

People who are only playing the political games will ask: Where were you when George Bush was spending? It doesn't matter. I'm here now. Where are you now?

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