Harry Reid Event Axed Over Protest Fears

The news that is not White House approved...

Running Scared

So Prince Harry Reid is not the most popular guy in his home state of Nevada, and it appears that even he is starting to realize it.

Senator Reid cancelled a scheduled appearance at a Mormon Church last Sunday because protesters threatened to show up, but even the prince's press secretary said none of them were threatening violence.

So since when is the senator afraid of a few little protesters?

Well, I'm guessing that he thought that this scene, which took place just a week ago in the senator's hometown when the Tea Party movement kicked off a cross-country tour, would play itself out again.

I'm also guessing Prince Harry won't be making too many public appearances between now and November given that his fan base seems to have diminished quite a bit.

Weeded Out

He went from White Castle to the White House, but now actor Kal Penn is going back to the stoner movie franchise that he's best known for.

Penn joined the Obama administration last year as associate director of the Office of Public Engagement, but Deadline.com reports that he's leaving his post to star in a Christmas-themed sequel to the "Harold and Kumar" series.

I guess that means we can all look forward to more of this.

What a great representative of the White House, isn't he? President Obama must have been so proud to have had him on his team.

Live Report

Combating Afghanistan's drug trade has been one of the most difficult aspects of our war effort there. Colonel Oliver North is in Afghanistan with a report on just how some of America's bravest are tackling that problem.


COL. OLIVER NORTH: U.S. DEA agents are a crucial part in the fight against the Taliban here in Afghanistan. Teamed with U.S. and Afghan's Special Forces, they employ their unique intelligence capabilities to pinpoint targets of opportunity and rapidly exploit the information.

This operation began before dawn. Afghan commandos and narcotics interdiction officers were the first ones on the target.

(On camera) These two shelters are desert drug labs. The DEA agents and Special Operations troops both Afghan and American mean to see that none of this ever makes its way to market.

So tell me what we've got down here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, sir. Right now what's going on is basically we've got a drug press in tent one like we anticipated. They're going to prep it to blow. We're going to burn both structures. We found drug hash in the second tent. The patrols out right now, should be back in about 20 minutes, they're looking for caches. Should be out of here about 25 to 35 minutes.

NORTH: This processed hashish pressed in that shelter behind me once might have helped the Taliban. Because of this it won't.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell him we're going to go ahead and thermite the engine block one more time, the press one more time. We're documenting with photos. We should be able to pull out of here in about five minutes, over.

NORTH: In Kandahar, Afghanistan, I'm Oliver North for Fox News.


Thank you, Colonel North, and stay safe out there.

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