Dying Woman Auctions Off Dates With Herself for Charity

A 30-year-old British woman with an inoperable brain tumor is auctioning off dates with herself to raise money for charity, the U.K.'s Daily Mirror reported.

Lisa Connell set up the Web site ‘Rent a Date for Charity’ to organize the dates and has so far raised almost $27,000 for several brain tumor charities.

One Arab prince shelled out nearly $6,000 for a night out with the attractive Londoner while other men have made repeated bids to see her again.

"Knowing I'm not going to be around for long has changed me," Connell told the Mirror.

"I tell people what I want and how I feel. I haven't got time for games or for timewasters. I've had some negative comments from some who say that it's like prostitution without the sex ... but I am so proud of it."

Connell was told she had a brain tumor in 2006 after she sought help for dramatic mood swings, headaches, double vision and problems walking.

"I hadn't been a well girl for a while. I had mood swings and was a real Jekyll and Hyde character," she said. "I would be nice and then fly off the handle. It was like I had a split personality and something was taking over me."

An optician finally sent her for an MRI scan which showed she had a benign tumor in the center of her brain. Due to its location, it is inoperable.