Woman Claims Doctors Killed Her Unborn Baby

A British mother claimed incompetent doctors killed her unborn baby after failing to spot it was still alive in her womb, The Sun reported Thursday.

Ashley Hodge, 22, went to her local hospital in Wishaw, Scotland, last month after waking in the night soaked in blood.

She was told she had suffered a miscarriage and was pumped with drugs to help remove the fetus.

A check-up scan days later revealed the fetus still had a heartbeat — but medics told her it would never survive.

Hodge was then forced to wait a further week before its heartbeat stopped.

"I keep thinking maybe my baby would have lived if they hadn't given me those drugs," said Hodge, who is lodging a formal complaint with her local hospital trust, said:

"I saw the heartbeat myself — just a tiny flicker but it was still there. Apparently they missed it because it was concealed behind a huge blood clot."

Hodge claimed she was never offered any counseling or a possible explanation for her loss.

"Due to patient confidentiality we cannot discuss individual cases. However we can confirm that we are aware of this issue and will conduct a full investigation into this matter," said a spokesman.

SOURCE LINK: The Scottish Sun