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Doctors are warning mothers-to-be that "eating for two" is really just a myth. For the first six months of the pregnancy, a woman's diet actually doesn't need to change at all. And even in the last three months they need only 200 extra calories a day:

New advice on weight management during pregnancy comes as the number of obese mothers is rising, with almost one in four women being obese and a further third overweight.

It says women should be advised that being fat puts their baby at risk, but not told to lose weight.

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New information shows that some people really are born to run. Researchers examined 155 track and field athletes and found that 80 percent of them had a gene associated with endurance that may affect their running performance:

"These findings suggest that harboring this specific genotype might increase the probability of being an endurance athlete," one of the study authors, Nir Eynon, of the Wingate Institute in Israel, said in a news release from the American Physiological Society.

"So, some of us are truly born to run," Eynon added.

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If you have trouble getting your teen to wake up in the morning it may not be because they're lazy. A new study says that adolescents today just spend too much time indoors and that a lack of sunlight knocks their body clocks out of whack:

Researchers, who have dubbed the effect "teenage night owl syndrome," warn that it could lead to poorer exam results.

"As teenagers spend more time indoors, they miss out on essential morning light needed to stimulate the body's 24-hour biological system, which regulates the sleep/wake cycle," said Mariana Figueiro, from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Centre, in New York state, who led the study.

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