For Your Health

Could we finally have found the real "fountain of youth?" A new study finds that long-term, strenuous exercise has a natural anti-aging effect — right down to our DNA — that makes us look decades younger:

People who run everyday do it to keep their hearts strong, spirits up and waistlines trim, but how many could guess that sweating it out on the treadmill may actually fight aging?

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Speaking of exercise, try a glass of chocolate milk after your next visit to the gym. Studies show that the protein and sugar found in the drink could be the fastest way to muscle recovery after a tough workout:

The strength coach at the University of Nebraska-Omaha has switched his athletes to chocolate milk from sports drinks, a move supported by mounting research that shows the childhood standby drink provides superior muscle recovery, KETV in Omaha reported.

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The secret to getting toddlers to eat their fruits and veggies: Try showing them picture books while you feed them. Researchers have found that children are more likely to taste unfamiliar foods if they had previously seen pictures of them:

Psychologists at Reading University found that one year-olds who regularly look at pictures of vegetables and fruit not part of their normal diet are much more enthusiastic about tasting them.

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