'Amazing' Twins Formerly Joined at Head Out of ICU, Playing

Bangladeshi twins Trishna and Krishna, who were formerly joined at the head and separated last week, have made an "amazing" recovery and are out of intensive care and playing, doctors told Agence France-Presse Tuesday.

The girls, who were "rescued" from a Dhaka orphanage, are playing and watching DVDs after moving Monday to a shared room in a regular hospital ward, just a week after a risky surgery separated their fused heads and skulls.

The twins, age 2, are in "fantastic" shape and are showing no evidence of brain damage, according to Melbourne Children's Hospital chief of surgery Leo Donnan.

"These little girls are doing everything they were doing beforehand, their function, their communication and their interaction with each other," Donnan told reporters. "The exciting thing is they're now starting to play ... (it's a) pretty amazing thing to see."

Donnan said he's shocked by their rapid progress, especially that of Trishna, who previously took nutrition from her sister, and is starting to eat on her own for the first time.

He said the girls would be closely watched for weeks, or even months or years for signs of psychological trauma due to their separation.

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