Mom Begs Burglars to Return Dead Son's Ashes

An Arizona mom is begging the burglars who terrorized their home to return the one item they can't put a monetary value on — her dead son's ashes.

"We don't want him thrown away in some dumpster or left on the side of the road," Lindsay Grannis told about her son Tyler Ross. "We want him here with us."

Tyler was sleeping next to his twin brother Taylor, when he died of sudden infant death syndrome a week before Christmas at 5-months-old, the station reported.

"I don't think they realized what was in there, and how much it means to us," Taylor Ross, now 13 said. "It means the world to us."

Tyler's ashes were kept in a maroon music box that plays, "You Are My Sunshine." The box was recently stolen from the family's China cabinet during a home invasion.

"It's not worth any money, but it's very valuable to us," said his grandmother Irene Buckman. "It's like having a missing child."

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