Accident Victim Fitted With 'Bionic Bottom'

When Ged Galvin was injured in a motorcycle accident two years ago, he was given a colostomy bag because the muscles that control his bowels were significantly weakened.

But Galvin, 55, of South Yorkshire, England, was embarrassed and irritated by the colostomy bag, so he underwent an operation called the Electrically Stimulated Gracilis Neosphincter, which ultimately gave him a "pacemaker-like stimulator to activate the opening and closing of (his) sphincter muscle for bowel movements," the New York Daily News reported.

The British press has dubbed Galvin "the man with the bionic bottom."

The Neosphincter technique was devised by Dr. Norman Williams, a surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, according to In the operation, Williams cut Galvin’s leg muscle from the groin to the knee and wrapped it around Galvin’s anus. A device was also implanted - complete with a remote control – and that controls the muscles.

"There are lots of people in the same situation as me that potentially this operation could help," Galvin said. "It changed my life."

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