Skydiver Killed After Trying for Record in Charity Jump

A skydiver killed in a Riverside County accident had tried to set a parachuting record in a charity jump hours before his death.

Authorities say Stephen Harrington of Boston went up for a second jump after the charity event on Wednesday and may have struck the tail of the plane before landing in a Murrieta driveway. It was unclear whether his parachute deployed. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Eli Bolotin of the charity Raise the Sky says Harrington was among 68 people who earlier in the day jumped in formation from Lake Elsinore for a $5,000 fundraising event to raise awareness about education. Bolotin says they were setting a U.S. record for jumps using wingsuits — suits with winglike fabric panels.

The jump was successful but Bolotin says it had not yet been formally certified as a record.