Judge Detains Man Suspected in Shooting Death of Seattle Police Officer

A judge found probable cause to detain suspected Seattle policeman shooter Christopher Monfort, Q13 Fox Seattle reported.

Officials expect Monfort, 41, to be charged with aggravated 1st degree murder for the death of Officer Timothy Brenton and attempted 1st degree murder for the attempted murder of another policeman.

The judge has ordered Monfort, who remains hospitalized, held without bail. He did allowed Monfort's lawyers to visit him in the hospital on Tuesday.

One of his lawyers said she does not know if Monfort will be able to communicate. Few details of his condition have been released. At one point Monfort was thought to be intubated.

Monfort's DNA was allegedly found at two locations — on a flag at the site where police cars and a mobile unit were bombed, and on a flag bandana left behind at the scene of officer Brenton's murder, Seattle Police Department's Chief Jim Pugel said

Police believe the flag is Monfort's "signature," Q13 Fox said.

Police said they also recovered an assault rifle that was reportedly used in Brenton's murder.

Officers said they initially pulled over Christopher Monfort on Oct. 15 for driving suspiciously and turning without a signal, according to Q13 Fox.

Seven days later, police responded to a 911 call in an area where several police cars were parked. Police said a mobile unit was ablaze when they arrived on the scene. Minutes later, they said police cars were bombed.

Pugel said a flag, military-style knife and a plastic screw top were found at the scene. A note was also recovered. The note indicated the suspect's intent to kill, saying it was a national day of protest in police brutality, Q13 Fox reported.

On Oct. 31, the night of Officer Brenton’s murder, police received a call that a white vehicle, possibly a Toyota, was acting suspiciously. A witness said it appeared the driver was about to commit a drive-by shooting, Q13 Fox reported.

Police were able to collect DNA from a bandana left nearby the scene of the shooting. They got a match from both the crime scene and the earlier police car bombings, Q13 Fox reported.

Police received a tip on the day of Officer Brenton’s funeral indicating a car, similar to the white car described by police, was parked outside an apartment complex.

Police said when they arrived at the apartment to confront Monfort, he pulled out a gun and pointed it at an officer’s. The gun reportedly didn’t fire, so Monfort began to run. That’s when officers shot at him, Q13 Fox reported.

Pugel said Monfort owned a storage container in which he allegedly stored bomb parts, Q13 Fox reported

Police said Monfort was recently fired from his job as a security guard. They also said he applied to be a Seattle Police officer but was rejected, according to Q13 Fox.

Monfort remains in stable condition at in an intensive care unit at a Seattle hospital.

Police believe he is the sole person responsible for the death of Officer Brenton as well the perpetrator accused of setting fires to police cars several weeks ago, Q13 Fox reported.Monfort's next court date is set for Friday.

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