Mom Standing at 28-Inches Pregnant With Third Child

One of the world's smallest mother’s is expecting her third child — despite warnings the pregnancy could kill her.

Stacey Herald is 2-feet, 4-inches tall, and her new son will already be half her size when he is born.

The 35-year-old from Dry Ridge, Ky., was told by doctors that a baby would grow so large inside her tiny body it could eventually crush her organs, strangling her from the inside out.

But she has already defied the odds by having two healthy daughters.

"The doctors all told me that I would die,” she said. “They begged me not to have a baby. Even my mother said, 'You know you won't survive right?'"

However, Herald and her husband, Will, insist their kids are a gift from God.

"We didn't plan to have more than two kids,” she said. “We just think that they're a great gift to the world, and when I look at them I see Will and I feel so full of love, it's tough not to want more."

Herald suffers from osteogenesis imperfecta, which causes brittle bones and underdeveloped lungs. The condition stunted her growth and forces her to use a wheelchair.

She’s currently 30 weeks pregnant and admits that it’s getting tougher to move around.

“At the moment because I'm getting really big again, I can't hold my youngest daughter because my belly gets in the way, and I can't get my arms around her,” she said.

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