2,700-Calorie 'Super Scooby' Burger Stands 6-Inches Tall, Weighs More Than 3-Pounds

Talk about a super “Scooby” snack! A take-out restaurant in Bristol, England, is serving up a burger so massive – it packs more calories than the government recommends a man or woman eat in an entire day.

The towering burger is called the “Super Scooby.” It's 6-inches tall, weighs more than 3-pounds and packs a whopping 2,645 calories — more than the 2,550 recommended for men and much more than the 1,940 recommended for women.

Spiros Lomvardos, who co-owns the Jolly Fryer fast food joint with his brother, Andreas, said the idea of the super-sized snack started out as a joke.

“A few months ago, me and my brother and another gentleman, Karl Ford, who’s an employee, were sitting at work on a dead quiet night when we saw an ad from a well-known burger chain,” Lomvardos told FOXNews.com. “And we said to one another, ‘The burgers always look big in the ads — but they never look like that in real life,’ and then we started discussing making our own big burger.”

Ford had a better idea, came up with all the ingredients and made the burger that same night. They took a picture and put it up in the store, and as Lomvardos said, that’s when things started to take off.

Here's what makes the “Super Scooby” special:

— 4 quarter-pound beef patties;

— 12 onion rings;

— 8 slices of bacon;

— 8 slices of cheese;

— 6 slices of tomato;

— 2 sesame buns;

— Barbecue sauce;

— Lettuce;

— And a good slathering of mayonnaise.

“It started as two burgers originally and has snowballed into four,” Lomvardos said, laughing. “I guess you could say it’s grown from there.”

At first, the Jolly Fryer didn’t intend to sell the “Super Scooby” to customers, but once people started seeing a picture of the gut-busting burger posted on the wall, the orders started rolling in.

“Customers love it, Lomvardos said. They think it’s brilliant… they gasp… and burst out laughing. It seems to put a smile on people’s faces.”

If your stomach is strong enough to finish the burger, which comes with a side of traditional British chips, you even get a free Diet Coke to wash it all down with.

“Obviously we wouldn’t recommend for someone to eat this every day,” Lomvardos added. “It’s not to be taken too seriously. It’s something that we would encourage on a special occasion for someone who wants to challenge themselves. It’s just a little bit of fun, really.”

One person who might be able to gulp down the “Super Scooby” without any problem is Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends 2,500-3,000 calories a day for men, depending on age and activity level. But Phelps consumes 12,000 calories a day while in training, just to maintain his weight. He could scarf down four of those burgers and still need a milk shake or two to maintain his competitive edge.