Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Sexy Legs and Even Sexier Belly Bulge

Jennifer Aniston Shows Off Sexy Legs And Even Sexier Belly Bulge

Hurray! Real bodies are back in!

Jennifer Aniston has always had one of the most beautiful bodies in the business - but even she has sometimes flirted with the stick-thin aesthetic that dominates Tinseltown.

But no more.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the normally super svelte 40-year-old sported a bit of a pooch at Tuesday evening’s Los Angeles premiere of "Love Happens." While we’re not suggesting a bun in the oven, we are pleased to announce that Aniston appears to be leading the charge for real women everywhere.

(Maybe she read that issue of Glamour with the plus-sized model everyone's still talking about?)

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Drawing even more attention than her bitty belly were the sexy toned legs beneath that sequined mini. Which she was all to happy to talk to Pop Tarts about.

"It’s a team of people! I really am physical everyday, it keeps all of the pistons firing," Aniston recently told us. "Being physically in shape is important, especially when you have to sometimes work 13-16 hour days."

And according to the film’s director Brandon Camp, those long days of filming also bring about some childish behavior.

"I just let the cameras roll on Aaron and Jennifer," he said. "They were like school children poking each other."

Motherhood Caused Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio to Break Tooth

Having a child didn’t just mean extra effort at the gym for VS supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, it meant an emergency trip to the dentist’s chair.

"My daughter is the cutest thing in the world, she melts my heart. But I actually broke my tooth doing the whole 'you're so cute' and clenching," Ambrosio said at the VMAs on Sunday, adding that she's "so excited" fellow Angels Karolina Kurkova, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and ex-Angel Gisele Bundchen all have babies on the way.

But even though the ‘Angels’ hang out together in next to no clothes (Ambrosio and Kurkova have been doing the VS shows together since 2000), perhaps they aren’t as close as we automatically assume.

"I haven't been able to give Karolina baby advice because I don't have her number at the moment, (awkward pause) but Adriana and I talk about nannies, baby furniture, baby clothes, all baby stuff," she gushed. "I'm so happy we can all have play dates together."

Pop Tarts also spotted fellow VS stunner Miranda Kerr (who by the way, has gone back to brunette after a brief blonde stint and is looking thinner than ev er) chilling out with pals during the MTV show. But after being accosted by relentless teen fans in the ladies room who insisted on having a photo in the bathroom, Orlando Bloom’s girlfriend chose to pass on Beyonce’s performance and instead work her flirty charm with the Kings of Leon boys in the Radio City Hall lobby.

Sneak Peak Backstage at NY Fashion Week: What Really Goes Into One Show?

Models only sashay the runway for a short period of time, but months and months of blood, sweat, tears and fears goes into coordinating that pivotal fifteen minutes of strutting which makes or breaks fashion empires.

As New York Fashion Week officially ends today, Pop Tarts wanted to take you behind the scenes to show you how it all comes together, focusing on the chic Alice + Olivia label.

Aside from designing the collection, big-time labels spend tens of thousands in hiring a production team, models, groomers, publicists and venues, and planning usually starts about six months in advance of the actual show.

"Once one ends, you start planning the next, mine are always thematic and any crazy inspirations from the clothes," Stacey Bendet, founder and head designer for Alice + Olivia, told Tarts. "I’ve got people in my office organizing it and PR teams on both the East and West Coast handling all the press and media."

So what goes on the day of? Alice + Olivia went with a Saturday night "party atmosphere" presentation at a warehouse in New York City's downtown Meatpacking District with the all-female disco house/thrash band The Plastiscines.

Nadine Luke, Director of Make Up Artistry International at MAC Cosmetics explained this season's look for the models. "Very pretty, pretty in pink. But don’t get confused just because she’s pretty she’s still a trouble-maker. We are using different tones of pink, just working it like an English Rose."

The hair is a little more time consuming as each model has long, soft locks which require about 45 minutes of intricate curling and teasing. "She’s a sweet rocker chic with a full body wave so I’m weaving spritzing the roots, rough drying and then weaving (the curler) in a figure-eight fashion," said Frederic Fekkai’s Salon’s SoHo favorite Andre Rodman. "We create an uneven wave then we shake it out and separate the curls, give it a little more definition."

Half-a-dozen frighteningly young, petite models were swapped around between hair and makeup to be transformed into Alice + Olivia beauties while production staff ran amok and camera crews filtered in and out. Thankfully, there was a Starbucks coffee station and a food table with fruit, cheese, protein bars and mini burgers, although that seemed to go largely untouched by the uber bitty models, all of whom were cast the week of the show.

("I'm sooooo hungry," one of the models quietly whispered before picking up a protein bar, checking out the nutritional information and opting for a single grape instead.)

Tension levels reached an all-time high just half-an-hour before the show was set to start as three of the models, who were caught up with other shows at Bryant Park, hadn’t made it to the venue yet. "There is always stress right now because girls are late and if someone doesn’t show up and when it’s a presentation you need all your looks," Bendet said. "If it was just a runway then you can just say ‘oh well, this girl will wear three outfits instead of two’."

Ten minutes out, a stunning ash blonde beauty was hustled inside and one would think it was Christmas.

"We got Clara!" shrieked one excited worker, before later returning with "Hannah" and waiting for one more with just fifteen minutes to go.

Next door, the warehouse was still being put together, the SVEDKA bar still being organized, the band was still in sound-check and the sets (funky trees and signs) were still being placed as guests started to congregate in the rainy street outside.

Five minutes out, the last model arrived. The lineup of girls were escorted to the European backdrops and took their positions as guests, including Kristin Cavallari, Annalynne McCord, Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Greene, Jared Leto and Mena Suvari flooded through and watched them rotate around in the art-like exhibition.

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