14 Women Wrongly Told They Don't Have Breast Cancer

Fourteen women were diagnosed with breast cancer after a radiologist neglected to notice the disease on the patients’ mammograms, London’s Daily Mail reported.

Doctors were forced to reexamine 355 mammograms in order to ensure accuracy.

The women had their mammograms performed at Accrington Victoria Hospital in Lancashire, England. The radiologist, who has not been named publicly, is no longer employed by the National Health Services.

It is not yet clear if the women’s chances of survival are harmed by the delay in treatment, said medical staff at the NHS.

“On behalf of the trust, I would like to apologize for any distress and anxiety caused,” said Rineke Schram, the trust’s medical director. “The work of the Trust’s other breast screening radiologists have been independently assessed and found to be of high standard, establishing that the issue related solely to the individual radiologist concerned.”

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