What Do Your Dreams Really Mean?

Some dreams are very obvious, and some are more cryptic. You really need to look at each dream in the context of your current life to unravel what your subconscious is trying to tell you.

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Here are some common dreams and what they mean:


I always look at a dream in the context of how the fall takes place. If you fall from a high place, you could fear you are failing, or falling from a position or status. If you trip and fall, you might be thinking you are taking a misstep in life, and need to rethink your plans. It can be that you are generally feeling insecure.

But, always look to your life to see in what area you feel insecure, and this may present itself in the dream.

Being Chased

This sort of dream can occur when there is something upsetting that you are dealing with and is causing anxiety. Are you running away from it? Look at who is chasing you. Are you getting away or not? Maybe you need to figure out how to deal with someone who is being aggressive with you, and you have been avoiding it, so it is coming up in your dream. If it some dark shadowy thing that is chasing you, that could be a past experience or trauma trying to come up to the surface.


I don’t know anyone who hasn't had a flying dream at some point in his or her life. Flying dreams are about independence and gaining freedom over self-doubt and insecurity. These dreams show you are experiencing greater control over life, growing and overcoming personal doubt.

Going Up an Elevator

This represents moving up in life, achieving success and position. A dream in which the elevator is zooming up or flying out of the top of the building can occur when success is coming too quickly and you feel out of control – or have a fear of success.

Going Down an Elevator

In this dream, you may feel you are losing position or status. If you hit a button and try to get off of the elevator in the dream, this shows you are trying to be pro-active in preventing any loss.

Sexual Dreams

These sorts of dreams have different meanings depending on how far from they are from your comfort zone. Is it a pleasant dream or a scary one? If the dream includes experiences you would not have if you were awake, yet are enjoyable, perhaps you are repressing certain desires. If they are experiences that upset you, you may feel threatened by someone who is overpowering you.

Dreams With Teeth in Them

Teeth represent your mind, so if your teeth are rotting and falling out, you feel you are losing your mind. Or, you could just be having dental work and it’s as simple as reliving in a dream what is happening in real life.

Asking for Credit

Very common these days. You are having trouble with money or with getting credit! Try to seek a solution in your active life.

Recurring Dreams

These are important to take note of as something in your life is trying to get your attention so you can understand it. These dreams provide an important message about your life situation over which you may not have control. You may need to address habitual ways in which you deal with your internal or external world and then the dream may change or stop entirely.

A recurring dream of the floor breaking beneath you and you falling through it can be common for those who come from broken homes where there was been a lack of stability, emotional support or a solid foundation.

You should always look at your dreams and see if they make sense related to some aspect of your life and can inform you in some way. If you are happy and free in the dream, it may show your life is balanced, and a lack of discord. If you are restricted or upset in the dream; you may need to address whatever real-life situation is making you feel that way.

Diana is a Certified Astrologer. She does dream analysis with her clients in conjunction with birth chart readings. Contact her at www.DianaBrownstone.com