Runaway Christian Convert to Temporarily Stay With Florida Foster Parents

The teen who ran away from her Ohio home after converting from Islam to Christianity will stay with her foster parents in Orlando for the time being, a judge ruled.

Judge Daniel Dawson also decided to seal Florida authorities report on findings of Rifqa Bary's allegations that her parents in Ohio would kill her because she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Bary ran away to Orlando and stayed with Christian advocates whom she met on Facebook.

The Florida Law Enforcement Department conducted a lengthy interview with Bary and released a transcript to the lawyers. The judge said it was sealed for 10 days until all parties had a chance to review it.

He also re-affirmed that both parties need to have a mediation. He issued a gag order, saying all lawyers involved in the case could not speak to the media unless it was a procedural issue.

Bary also was restricted by the judge from any visitation access to the Rev. Blake Lorenz and his wife Beverly. But she is allowed to speak and meet with the Lorenz children who are in their early 20s.

The teen stayed with the Lorenz family after running away from her home in Ohio, but they did not tell authorities for more than two weeks.

The hearing grew tense at times. During one particularly heated moment when the gag order motion was being discussed, Bary began to cry. She was comforted by a young African-American woman who sat down next to her and hugged her.

FOX News Channel's Serafin Gomez contributed to this report.