More Than 80 Students at Wake Forest Thought to Have H1N1

Officials at a North Carolina university say more than 80 students are thought to have swine flu.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported Tuesday that Wake Forest University plans to continue with classes as usual, though students who aren't feeling well have been told to stay home.

University spokesman Kevin Cox says two cases of swine flu were confirmed Friday and dozens of other ill students also are thought to have the H1N1 strain. Cox says most of the cases have been relatively mild and the students are being treated at the university's health service.

"We are treating several students for H1N1 flu at Wake Forest," Cox said in a released statement Tuesday. "The University is taking a very caring and proactive approach in treating the students who have been diagnosed with the flu. We are also carrying out a preventive plan. In fact, Wake Forest has planned for years for pandemic influenza.

"Our experience with the H1N1 flu here is that it is relatively mild and similar to seasonal flu. Students are recovering in their residence hall rooms and off-campus residences. We have not experienced any extraordinary cases of the illness," Cox added.

Doctors say most cases run their course naturally. Medical care is recommended if body temperature reaches 103 or higher, if there is vomiting, a rash or a change in behavior.

Cox said Wake Forest has taken several steps to address the the emergence of H1N1, including informing the university community of the flu’s presence on campus, making arrangements for sick students to have meals brought to their residence hall rooms, advising sick students not to come to class, and communicating regularly with county health officials and infectious disease experts at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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