Dr. Jack Kevorkian Talks About Mercy Killings in One of First In-Depth Interviews

In one of his first in-depth interviews since spending more than eight years in prison for his role in numerous assisted suicides, Dr. Jack Kevorkian talks to Detroit's FOX 2 about the best way to kill someone.

"It's got to be quick, certain, painless and humane," he says, recommending a type of barbiturate that can do the trick in eight seconds.

And, said Kevorkian, he'd still help a terminally ill patient die — even if the person was his most trusted, closest friend.

"If nobody else would (help him), I would," he said. "I would."

Kevorkian has a book coming out that he wrote while he was in prison for eight-and-a-half years, and there's a forthcoming movie about his life — "You Don't Know Jack" — in which he is played by Al Pacino.

"It's an honor," Kevorkian said. "He looks exactly like me."

He says he contemplated suicide himself while he was behind bars.

"I was going to starve to death," he told FOX 2.

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