Maxim Monday: Whitney Port's Break-Out BFF Is Leaving 'The City'

Maxim brings the hottest young stars to every Monday. This week, meet the lovely and talented break-out star from MTV's "The City," Erin Lucas.

Whitney Port may technically be the star of MTV’s "The Hills" spin-off, "The City," but it’s her super-smokin’, boy-crazy BFF, Erin Lucas, who had us all agog.

Unfortunately, our eye candy is leaving "The City" to pursure a hosting career. Luckily, we caught up with the 24-year-old hottie, daughter of AC/DC bassist Cliff Williams, to ask about her memorable firsts.

Maxim: First Time She Realized Her Dad Was Different Than Other Dads
Erin: I was a total MTV junkie, and I saw my dad on TRL and was like, “F***, yeah, Dad’s on TRL, woo!” 

Maxim: First Taste of Fame
Erin: I was with Whit at a bar in New York, and some girls asked me to take a picture. I’m used to girls asking if I’ll take a picture of them and Whit, but this time they wanted me in the shot. I hugged them and told them they popped my cherry!

Maxim: First Kiss
Erin: I was in the eighth grade. I was such a little prude back in middle school. I was going out with this guy who was a grade older than me. I made him wait an entire month before I would let him kiss me. It was after homecoming, and I was really nervous. I think he had gum in his mouth, and somehow it ended up in mine. I was floating. I was so in love. Eighth-grade puppy love.

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