RAW DATA: Chilling Billy Mays 911 Tape

Operator: Ok, tell me exactly what happened.

Female Caller: I don’t know, I just woke up right now and I went and looked at him to roll him over and his lips are all purple.

Operator: Are you with him now?

Female Caller: Yes

Operator: How old is he?

Female Caller: 50.

Operator: Is he awake?

Female Caller: No.

Operator: Is he breathing?

Female Caller: No and he’s cold.

Operator: That’s OK; we can still help him. OK. Did you see what happened?

Female Caller: No [begins to cry – inaudible]

Operator: Ma’am. Ma’am. Listen, we’re going to help him until they get there. Can you hear me?

Female Caller: Yes.

Operator: Alright, I want you to get him on the floor.

Female Caller: [talking to someone else] Frank, I need to get him on the floor.

Operator: Now OK, let’s do it very quickly. I want you to lay him flat on his back on the floor. Do not put any pillows behind his head. Let me know when this is done.

Female Caller: We can’t get him up, Ma’am. He’s gone.

Operator: OK well, Ma’am, we can still help him, ok? How come you can’t get him on the floor.

Female Caller: [inaudible – giving phone to male]

Male Caller: Hello.

Operator: Sir?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: Ok, we can start CPR by getting him on the floor.

Male Caller: It’s too late.

Operator: How come?

Male Caller: He’s gone.

Operator: Sir, we can still try and do CPR.

Male Caller: He’s cold.

Operator: Sir, that doesn’t matter. OK, is he stiff where you can’t move him?

Male Caller: I cannot move him; he is all rigid.

Operator: Rigid?

Male Caller: Yes.

Operator: Alright. Well, they’re on their way.

Male Caller: OK.