Judge Blasts Council for Fining Teen Over Dropped Candy Wrapper

A British judge has blasted a council for wasting thousands of taxpayers’ cash dragging a teenager to crown court — over a dropped mint wrapper.

The candy paper blew out of Larissa Wilkinson’s car window when her 18-month-old niece unwrapped it.

A council officer spotted it — and Larissa, 19, was charged with depositing controlled waste.

Judge Roger Scott was stunned when she appeared before him at crown court — where murderers and rapists face trial.

He asked the council’s barrister Austin Newman: “Can you explain to me why this charge was ever brought? She has dropped a single sweet wrapper.

“Is it controlled waste? I’ve looked it up and I don’t see how you could possibly argue it is.

“It’s the most inappropriate set of proceedings I’ve personally ever, ever seen and it’s a fantastic waste of community charge payers’ money."

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