Woman in Intensive Care After 'Restoring Virginity' for Sixth Time

A Russian woman is in intensive care after attempting to restore her virginity for the sixth time, according to a report on mosnews.com.

The woman, identified only as Natalia K., had her first hymenoplasty operation six years ago before getting married, the Russian Web site Life.ru reports.

Hymenoplasty, also known as hymenorrhaphy or hymen reconstruction surgery, is a type of plastic surgery that involves the restoration of the hymen. The aim of this surgery is to ensure bleeding during sexual intercourse, giving the appearance that the woman is a virgin.

Natalie K. had the surgery before her wedding because her husband was upset that she had already lost her virginity to another man. However, he apparently liked the results of the surgery so much, he asked his wife to have the surgery each year following their wedding.

Doctors warned Natalie K. that having the surgery for the sixth time posed risks, however she chose to go through with it. She caught a “minor infection” after the surgery and is now in intensive care.

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