Chicago Cubs Bid Gatorade Machine Godspeed

Just two months into the season, the Chicago Cubs' dugout Gatorade dispenser is being retired after taking one too many hits at the hands of angry players.

When the team returns to Wrigley Field from a road trip on June 12, a water dispenser will sit where the Gatorade machine took its licks, the Chicago Tribune reported.

"It was tough while it lasted," Cubs outfielder Reed Johnson told the Tribune. "We're only two months into the season, and it's been through a lot already. And it was still spitting out juice."

Starting pitchers Ryan Dempster and Carlos Zambrano each took swings at the machine, leaving its cover battered and broken, the Tribune reported. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild almost got between Zambrano's angry bat and the already-battered Gatorade machine.

"It would have been more entertaining [to keep it], that's for sure," Dempster told the newspaper. "I'm going to miss it. It's part of our team. I gave it a big hug."

Other players told the newspaper that the bat-swinging antics of their teammates could have lead to trouble.

"When you do something stupid like that, you never think something bad will happen, but you fling a bat and you could hit somebody," third baseman and sometimes-outfielder Ryan Freel told the Tribune.

"In this case you have the Gatorade machine sitting there and people have a tendency to blow it up, and you don't want anybody to get hurt, not with the team we have."

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