Wyoming High School Graduates 5 Sets of Twins

Cheyenne's Central High pulled a quintuple double on Friday, graduating five sets of twins in its Class of 2009.

Chris and Pat Weingardt are identical twins. Pat says they are best friends and do everything together, including plans to attend the University of Wyoming in the fall. Chris likes math and Pat likes astronomy.

Kassie and Christopher Nordyke are top students also headed to UW to study science -- Kassie likes biology and Christopher chemistry. Their mom says they've always had a special connection.

Bryce and Michael Benson Jr. are fraternal twins. They look alike but have different interests. Michael likes art, math and culinary arts while Bryce enjoys reading and hanging out. Both plan to attend Laramie County Community College.

Edward and Thomas Ma are also fraternal twins, with Edward being the oldest "by an astonishing two hours," he said. Both plan to go to LCCC this fall.

Daniel and Samuel Oswalt say a lot of their schoolmates don't know they're twins. Daniel has joined the Marine Corps, while Samuel is still deciding what he'll do after graduation.