Up in the Air

There is so much is going on right now that I'm not even sure what to focus on anymore. Do you feel that way?

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So for today's one thing we go to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, who said exactly what I've been thinking:


WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY ROBERT GIBBS: Cotton candy down the street. It's a circus.


Oh how right he is! Except instead of three rings, we've supposed to be looking at nine or ten of them, all at once.

There's defense: Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; Israel and neighbors like Iran at their throats; the War on Terror that apparently no longer exists, don't worry about that, even though Pakistan is about to be taken over by the Taliban and Somalia is being overrun by Muslim insurgents. Meanwhile, Gitmo is being closed, but we have no plan for the prisoners.

Then there's the economy: The unemployment rate is at 8.9 percent and the underemployment rate is 15.8 percent.

And what about the bailouts? It's not like the Obama administration is sitting back. They already fired the CEO of GM and now they've cut Chrysler's ad budget in half. What's next, are we going to have Harry Reid supervising the agents in the Citigroup call center?

Then you've got our long-term structural issues: We found out Wednesday that Medicare will now be insolvent in just eight years. Meanwhile, we're leveraging our future by monetizing our debt, which basically means we crank up the printing presses anytime we need more cash.

And what about corruption? Nancy Pelosi and waterboarding; Chris Dodd and his sweetheart deal with Countrywide; Tim Geithner and his taxes; you've got ACORN, a organization charged with fraud that's seemingly connected right to the House.

You've also got climate change, illegal immigration, failing schools, universal health care, Russia, China… the list goes on and on.

If my Uncle Sam juggler wasn't capable of juggling all these balls; how well do you think the real one is going to do?

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