Do It Yourself Dog Food

TV show host, actor and "green" expert Holter Graham thinks you can kill two birds with one stone — cut down on wasted food and save money — by preparing your own dog food!

Use your dinner food to make your dog food. Set aside a certain amount of what you are cooking for yourself, to make the dog food — it's like "pre-leftovers"

The reason you set aside part of your pre-cooked food first rather than using the leftover is that your dog food shouldn't contain the spices and oil you'll use when you make human food

The following recipe is based upon if you were having chili or stew for your own dinner.

This recipe meets nutritional needs of your pet, but always check your own vet first:

1lb ground chicken (or lamb, beef, liver)
2 cups brown rice
Fresh spinach
Fresh carrots

Brown and cook the meat in a non stick pan without oil, fat or seasoning
Boil the rice without oil, fat or seasonings
Finely chop the vegetables and combine