FOXSexpert: How to Unleash Your Supernatural, Sexual Self

You are a constant source of pulsating, vibrant sexual energy. According to Tantric belief, when you get high on the charged realization that you are a living, breathing power source, you become more sensitive to the energy inside and all around you.

It is then that you’re able to connect to the more enlightened parts of your being that make for a Tantric sex experience. Your next quest may have to be finding your supernatural self.

What?! No matter how skeptical you are (you may be wondering if any part of your being is in fact supernatural), keep an open mind. Regardless of whether we nurture it daily or even at all, every single one of us has a spiritual, cosmically-connected side that is aching to show us a good time and what it means to be sexually alive beyond our wildest, earthly expectations.

It’s simply a matter of unveiling this energy and knowing how to rocket-launch it once you’ve found it. And your motivation to do so can’t get any better than this: When you and your lover reach this awesome, spiritual state together, the results are going to be more sexually spectacular than you’ve ever known.

See It with Me

Imagine your energy as a spectrum. At one end is the strictly physical — the energy that’s expressed as your raw, lusty sex drive. At the other end lies a far greater, richer energy potential that is the often undiscovered energy we’re talking about. It is here that your crude sexual energy can be made anew, hurling both of you into mind-blowing ecstasy.

Can You Rethink Sex?

When we practice Tantric sex, it’s not about naked bodies bumping up against one another, hoping if it’s done long enough, there’ll be a “Big O.” We’re a little more sophisticated than that.

Instead of seeing sex as carnal energy unleashed from your groin, see it as soulful energy that radiates from every, single part of your entire being. Visualize the lovemaking between you and your partner as a dance of two energies. And as you make love, lose yourself in this dance — the movements, breathing, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch of sex that become part of the intoxicating energy between the two of you.

Rather than savor these sexual sensations by tuning inward, submerge yourself in this energy by turning outward, ultimately increasing your ability to respond to your lover.

See that? Want that? Think you can do that? Good! Let’s get you on your way by tuning into your energy.

Set aside 20 minutes to practice the following — first by yourself, and then with your partner.

1. Take a comfortable, seated position, hold your hands so that your palms are facing one another.

2. Breathe in deeply and fully.

3. Send your exhalation toward your hands, imagining this breath as heat, a vibration or light.

4. Take note of the magnetic charge growing between your palms.

5. Close your eyes and connect with the charge for a few seconds.

6. Repeat this exercise with your partner.

7. As you sit face to face, feel the energy you’re creating between each other’s hands.

Now that you’ve found some of the energy we’ve been talking about, it’s time to understand it a little better. In Tantric practice, we strive to create a balanced union between opposites.

Having a greater awareness of the opposite natures between you and your lover will help to free your mind and body, releasing the energy needed to transform your inactive energy.

In Chinese Taoist tradition, this balanced union is represented by the Yin (female) and Yang (male). Together they symbolize being in complete balance with the universe. You want to capture that balance between you and your sweetie in your bedroom.

Yin represents the feminine mystique or feminine principle. Yang represents the masculine or male principle. No matter how “girly” or “macho” you feel, you have both Yin and Yang within you. It is important to remember that nobody is purely female or male.

Whether or not you realize it or want to admit it, you have many qualities that can belong to either gender. Each of us embodies a Yin and a Yang within the self. The concept that these two opposites form the whole within us must be embraced in your Tantric practice.

In Tantric philosophy, lovers unite during sex in a celebration honoring their Yin and Yang opposites. Expanding your sense of sexual identity — your “maleness” and “femaleness” —helps you and your partner to heal any sense of separation and loneliness you feel. Walls come down as you celebrate the traits you like in each other. This allows you to become more connected in your relationship.

It is through a hot, sexual union that your energies are stimulated and exchanged, ultimately balancing the opposing energies within your selves and resulting in incredible intimacy. You are no longer divided, but one — complementing and completing each other.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. She is the author of several books including, "Touch Me There! A Hands-On Guide to Your Orgasmic Hot Spots."

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