Cheryl Hines Defends Actresses, Says If Plastic Surgery Makes You Happy, 'Do It'

Meg Ryan has gotten comfortable playing the raving mad, jilted wife. In her latest movie “Serious Moonlight,” which premiered this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival, the actress stars as cut-throat lawyer Louise – who decides to hold her other half hostage when he announces he’s leaving her for a younger woman.

Adhesives are involved. So is the toilet.

“Well, I’m furious, FOX News, and I duct-tape my husband to an apparatus in the bathroom,” Ryan joked on the red carpet before the film’s premiere.

She laughed playfully when asked why she’s drawn to spurned spouse roles like this one and her character in “The Women.” Ryan has confessed that ex-husband Quaid was perpetually unfaithful to her during their 10-year marriage.

“It wasn’t anything premeditated,” the 47-year-old star said of her choice to play another wife shunned by an adulterous husband (in this case, Timothy Hutton). “It just kind of came along.”

“Moonlight” is directed by first-timer Cheryl Hines of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fame and written by the late Adrienne Shelly.

Shelly was murdered in 2006 by an illegal immigrant she caught stealing from her purse in her Manhattan apartment/office just before her debut film “Waitress” was released. Her widower, Andy Ostroy, is one of "Moonlight's" producers.

Ryan said she couldn’t pass up Shelly’s screenplay.

“It’s a really great piece of writing,” she told us. “It’s very hard to resist her – it’s a very original mind Adrienne had, and it’s a script that you just kind of can’t put down.”

When asked about her daughter Daisy, whom Ryan adopted from China in 2006, the actress just smiled and clutched her hands to her heart. Daisy came to the set during filming, according to Hines.

“I can’t comment on how she is as a mother, but they were very sweet together,” Hines said.

With Ryan on the red carpet, the subject of plastic surgery was inevitably broached. The star of “Sleepless in Seattle” and “When Harry Met Sally” has been questioned in celebrity gossip circles for having had too much of it.

But while Ryan brushed off a question about whether she felt pressure as a woman in Hollywood to stay young-looking, Hines gave cosmetic surgery the thumbs-up.

“You know what, if it makes you happy, do it,” said Hines, 43. “I don’t care. Whatever works.”

The fledgling director got coy when asked to dish about on-the-set gossip.

“Any dirt. … Oh, who am I talking to? Any dirt. There wasn’t any dirt, no,” Hines told said giggling. “There was a lot of duct tape involved, so once in a while, there were some duct-tape mishaps. I’ll just say that.”