Maxim Monday: Zulay Henao Is 'Fighting' Her Way Into Our Hearts

Colombian beauty Zulay Henao may be the star of the new underground brawling flick “Fighting" and a former army solider, but this stunner is hardly the violent type.

“The only real fight I’ve ever been in was when I was 14, and it involved people bullying my younger sister,” Henao admits. “I remember her coming home crying, so I was like, ‘Come on, let’s go get them!’ My family is my soft spot, and whenever they’re in some kind of trouble, I’m there.”

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But don’t let her lack of fighting experience fool you – as the sexy starlet has a military background and could probably kick your butt.

“I went into the army right after high school, and the first day of basic training was really hard. I quickly realized I’d have to change my attitude if I was going to get through it.”

So she’s stunning, a great actress and budding star and she’s completed one of the most difficult and respectable jobs in the country?

We surrender, Zulay.

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