What’s going on with Kim Kardashian?

First, she upset her full-figured fans by declaring that she is a “size 2, not 2XL” after an article appeared in Us magazine that she argued made it seem like she was endorsing a plus size line for Forever 21.

Then, she fell asleep in her sunglasses and got some seriously scary tan lines while vacationing in Mexico.

And yesterday, she walked around New York all weekend debuting a newer, lighter look.

The star, 28, famous for her long black locks, seemed to have gone blonde!

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Tweeting about the change on her Twitter page, she said “Hey everyone, I have a drastic new look.”

She then posted photos of herself proclaiming that she loved her “new blonde hair.”

Fan reaction was mixed at best, with some fans even angry at the drastic change.

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But fear not, Kardashian admitted that the look was simply a wig.

“It’s a wig! Did I have you fooled?,” she asked her fans on her blog, admitting the piece was a leftover from a photo shoot.

That was a close one…