Rewarding Failure

Why are the government and teacher unions working together to wreck our children's education?

They claim to be looking out for kids' best interests, yet seek to erase vouchers for poor families that just want a good education for their kids.

Educational bureaucrats reward failure: Their universal solution for fixing problems is to just throw more money at it. They want to be the only answer when it comes to education and so they discourage innovative options like charter schools and home-schooling.

Once kids are stuck in the public school system, they either don't learn much of anything or they're indoctrinated with history lessons that don't resemble the real America.

Oh the Constitution? It's just something dreamed up by really old guys in wigs. Totally irrelevant right now.


Why are we cutting down our children's educational opportunities?

It is all about politics and power and our children are the ones who are suffering.

We need to kick politics out of the classroom and focus on what is important: our children.

They are the future of this great country. Give them room to truly succeed.