Ted Nugent on Tea party protests

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GLENN BECK, HOST: Ted Nugent is the author of "Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto."



BECK: Do all guitar players have to make that face?

TED NUGENT, MUSICIAN: When you're so damn sexy, you can't help it.


NUGENT: What other kind of face goes with that note?

BECK: I don't know.

Ted, we were talking before we went on the air, there are a lot of flags here that people don't understand. There's one here with the: "Come and Take It."


BECK: That is with the cannon on it.

NUGENT: I love cannons.

BECK: This one is the — is it the Giliad?


Yes, I forgot I was in Texas.

Video: Watch Beck and Nugent live at the Alamo

NUGENT: All right. It's got a muscle, the sword with blood. I like it.

BECK: What is it is...


BECK: Goliad. We would rather cut our...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We would rather cut off our right arms than live under tyranny.

BECK: We would rather cut off our right arms...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: ...than live under tyranny.



BECK: So, why are you are here, Ted? You know, people — I think of the people in the media. I read a story in the L.A. Times that is just absolutely amazing, where they were saying, you know, this is...

NUGENT: Called us idiots.

BECK: Yes, idiots.

NUGENT: You know who these idiots are? These are my fellow idiots. We get up really early. We work with all the heart and soul we possibly can. We are driven by a simple American Dream: Be the best that you can be.


NUGENT: We don't want our government to do anything for us. We want everything we can do for the United States of America. It's so simple it's stupid.

BECK: Here's where they go — here is where they also go awry. They don't understand that in the media and they also don't understand — they really truly believe that these people are here because they are GOP stooges. That they are...


NUGENT: There are a bunch of Democrats over there. These are my hunting buddies! No, there are some good Democrats out there.

Logic is alive and well in this country. The general media is allergic to logic. These people are addicted to logic and they come in all stripe, Democrats, Republican, libertarians, independents like myself.

BECK: So, just playing devil's advocate here, where were these people when George W. Bush was in office?

NUGENT: Well, they were too silent the hell hadn't gotten hot enough yet. It's now so apparent with "Fedzilla" coming in and literally walking into our living rooms and blow torching our paychecks. It's so obvious. All we want all — we really want here today is accountability.

We need to have a government that lives within our means, because it's our means.

These people have alarm clocks. They get up early. They know that hard times mean you try harder, not that you make more excuses.

BECK: You know, I'm amazed that — how many people — you read the words of the Founding Fathers now where you hear Benjamin Franklin say, you know, the best — the best way to help people in poverty is to make them uncomfortable in their poverty.

NUGENT: Yes, so that they want


NUGENT: That's what capitalism is.


BECK: And now, it's exact opposite of the direction that we're going now.

NUGENT: I see that, yes.

BECK: And the other thing that Benjamin Franklin talked about was that you shouldn't — Washington shouldn't be a full-time job. You should have to go and work. You know, this is a part-time gig for you.


BECK: You would go to — you'd go to Washington, and you wouldn't work all around — all around the clock because you'd lose touch with that.

NUGENT: You're talking about the corruption that is widespread in politics and in both parties where they don't feel accountable. They've been operating with impunity forever. They can vote themselves raises. They can give themselves 90 percent of their paycheck forever even if we fire them after the first term.

It is so unfair. It's so unequal. Everybody here has to sacrifice for comfort. It seems that "Fedzilla" wants us to sacrifice more for their comfort. It's just not fair. And the people are finally standing up.


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