Woman Turns Body Into Human 'Etch A Sketch'

Ariana Page Russell may be the equivalent of a human Etch A Sketch.

Russell suffers from a skin condition called dermatographia, in which lightly scratching your skin temporarily causes raised, red lines.

But instead of hiding her skin – Russell has turned it into a canvas, tracing intricate patterns and words onto her legs, arms and torso, The U.K.’s Daily Telegraph reported.

She uses a knitting needle to trace her art work and then photographs the results. The pictures have gone on display in art galleries and sold for up to $4,500, according to the report.

"I use my skin as a canvas,” she told the newspaper. “People think it is pretty weird. They think it is beautiful or interesting, or they think it is pretty disgusting, gross and painful.”

Dermatographia is not serious, but it can be uncomfortable. Signs and symptoms include redness, itching and swelling similar to hives. The exact cause is not known, but in most cases, the symptoms of dermatographia go away on their own, the Mayo Clinic reported on its Web site.

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