Swedish Tax Agents Crack Down on Webcam Strippers

Swedish authorities have been prowling the Internet looking for naked women — and trying to get them to pay up.

Dag Hardyson, the Swedish tax authority's point man on generating hard cash from softcore porn, tells the BBC that hundreds of professional peelers may be dodging income taxes by taking it off in front of Webcams rather than live audiences.

"We had to do something. We want all these girls to be compliant with the system," he explained to Agence-France Presse.

The lost revenue could be nearly $5 million a year, according to Hardyson, who described it as "an increasing problem."

"They are young girls, we can see from the photos. We think that perhaps they are not well informed about the rules," he conceded.

Like some other Scandinavian countries, Sweden sees sex as healthy and natural, but financial improprieties are a no-no. The deputy prime minister, who had a child out of wedlock, had to step down in 1995 after she bought groceries with a government credit card.

Questioned whether the crackdown infringed on the strippers' privacy, Hardyson was quick to respond.

"That's not really our problem," he said. "They must be compliant [with tax regulations] and that's why we are looking at it."

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