Florida Church Seeks Attention With 'No More Christians' Campaign

A Florida church is trying to persuade people to return to worship with a provocative campaign that has raised a few eyebrows around town.

The Mosaic Church of Crestview, a non-denominational Christian church, used the slogan "No More Christians" to spark conversation and attract the attention of people who have grown lackadaisical in their religious practice, the Crestview News Bulletin reported.

The campaign advertises a series of discussions with names like "Why you should be an atheist instead of a Christian" and "Why you should be a Muslim instead of a Christian."

Mosaic Church Pastor James Ross said the discussions are meant to "creatively and aggressively try to show (people) that God loves them so much that even though they are still sinners, Christ died for them," the News Bulletin reported.

"We were really trying to catch the attention of people who are searching," Ross told the newspaper.

Unfortunately, Ross told the newspaper, the signs have also drawn negative attention.

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